Growing And Glowing Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Growing And Glowing

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Reading about the Oak trees, mountains, flowing essence of waterfalls, the scent of wet ferns, and the heart shaped leaves of Peepul.
Took my breath away.
And when I witnessed,
I was deeply inspired.
Time was flowing, but my eyes were asking for a lifetime with them.
I wished to freeze such moments.
It made me think about the power of elements.
I'm wholeheartedly greatful to the almighty.
For giving me the gift to see, to love, and to be loved by my great friend, the nature.
Our noble homeland, our worthy notions about;
The sacred trees,
Such as Peepul, and Banyan.
The shades and shelter-
For weary souls to rest,
Out in the scorching heat,
The sun sings without haste.
It helps in growing, and yielding.
With the help of his acquaintance,
The blissful rain.
The sunbeams are not be contempted.
Farmers working in the fields,
As you know morning never delays, nor do they.
Sweats falling down their foreheads.
I see, Responsibilities, and efforts, my friend.
An image of not giving up.
However, only giving hearts and souls for us all day along.
Providing food in the market, and our mothers filling up bags with fresh vegetables and fruits.
The demand, granted by the help of the whole universe.
A sphere, where we live.
The dreams that we believe in,
And seek to live someday.
Keeps us alive,
Acts shall be implied on that day
Which will make our pathway, known to all.
Like the flow of work divided among buzzing bees in making of beehives,
Inside it contains the sweetest honey.
Patience, and perseverance, my friend.
So, when you work
Be an exception, be you, for you
While, making your dreams come true.
Just like the well, which has been covered by tall buildings, but still deep down the soil, the purity still flows immensely.
Helping the trees to grow.
The great foliage,
vividly dancing to the tunes of air.
Elements of nature,
Do you hear?
I'm sorry on behalf of all.
Your lands, are inherited by us.
But some do not protect you from the foul.
You being the nurturer,
Doesn't expects anything in return, always gives, and gives.
Embraces of mist air on our faces
Like cotton clothes, wiping away our fears, Which we hold.
Observe, my dear friend.
As it may, mean a lot to you, as well.
Water, wells, streams, rivers, and blue oceans.
The luminous soul image
On the water, without any disdain.
One that wishes, a picture so firm,
Without dust, and roughness.
Oh! Such mesmerizing images of love, hope, gratitude and inspiration.
It is you, yes, it is this beautiful you.
One has to rise, when the whole divine nature is on your side.
Not only humans do inspire us, do you see?
Don't you?
I praise the cosmos, so beautiful
purple hues, the last colour of the universe.
It blooms fantastically on the Himalayan mountain slopes.
Long before I've known.
A mellow of Primroses,
I'm the one, caught at the moment
While observing such beauties.
And, when the winds passes through my hair,
I believe my appreciations are assented.


Good poem, liked it. Though it is pretty long, it is pretty too.

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Soumili Karmakar 04 November 2022

Thank you!

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