Bob and Alex Eichen

The Mass Extinction Of The Poet Bobby E

Just how did the poet Bobby E meet his end?
Out with a whimper or out with a bang?
Poetic scientists are split.

The Meteor theorists insist the poet Bobby E rose like a meteor but was then struck by an asteroid.
The smoking gun they claim was the poet's use of the word iridium in his latter poems. Use of the word iridium is rare in terrestrial poems but common in poems written on asteroids.One day he was a prolific poet, then bang, he just dissappears from the poetic fossil record.

Others claim Bobby E didn't suddenly vanish, but had been in decline for years.They suggest disease from other poets.. Some state that predation from stronger poets pushed Bobby E to the brink and finally over the edge. Many feel it was his inability to reproduce that caused his end. And of course, it could have been a combination of these factors.

But the most popular theory of the extinction of the poet Bobby E is the climate change theory. Global warming caused by all the hot young poets spelled his demise. Bobby E's use of archaic terms and ancient meter left his readers cold.

Well perhaps we'll never know. More research is needed. I'm hopeful
that today's young paleopoetologist will one day find the answer.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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