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I'd appreciate the angel more
If she'd stolen the memory with the man.

Oh Bacon
Oh Bacon
How I love you!
So fat

While swimming in the river, I,
saw a bloated corpse float by.
Just then he opened up his eyes,
and said he swam, for exercise.

This cinquain was written by my son, Alexander Eichen

we fall
in the hot field

While riding through the woods one day,
the glorious Banner Knight,
met a mighty man at arms,
who challenged him to fight.

Andrew, Andrew, my beautiful boy!
Andrew, Andrew, my pride and joy!
Andrew, Andrew, where have you gone?
Why, oh why, have you left me so alone?

It's been going on for so long
The war
But It'll be over soon
I'm the last man left alive


he takes a bite
puts the cold green apple

You are not hated for your skin color.
Your skin color, whether red, white, black, brown, or yellow, is one of your most beautiful features.
It is your behavior that brings hate.
It's your

The anvil is a mighty thing, blows rain upon his back,
And though the hammers pound away, anvil can't strike back.

Anvil isn't worried, He's seen hammers break, one by one,

Lighting the cold night's sky
All encompassing

A Cinquain is a Japanese poem of five lines. Syllables by line are 2,4,6,8,2.

My love
Like a flower

Just how did the poet Bobby E meet his end?
Out with a whimper or out with a bang?
Poetic scientists are split.

In my personal experiments to resurrect the dead, I have taken the following actions:

Laid in bed all day crying.
Laid in bed all night staring at the ceiling.

One ounce when you came into life
One ounce cut by the knife
One ounce eaten up raw
One ounce ripped by the saw

I'm alone
Lying in bed
The door to my room is open
I can see people walking in the hall.

Take just a moment and try this short test.

1) In what year did the reign of King Rocheval of Ptolon begin?

Bob and Alex Eichen Biography

Alexander Eichen is my eldest son. He has been writing poetry for many years. He has been an inspiration for me.)

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I'd appreciate the angel more
If she'd stolen the memory with the man.

I can just see-

No distant glares at our places;
The pallisades and tennis courts,
The road at 3 AM.

No blood drawn lip at pictures,
No pounding on the mirror.

A shadow space of air at every anger...
A look-away at every laugh...

In place of memory, a sunlit lake-
A time I stood in thought...
With no idea of what was lost forever.

(This poem was written by Alexander Eichen)

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