The Banner Knight Ii The Knight And The Devil Poem by Bob and Alex Eichen

The Banner Knight Ii The Knight And The Devil

While riding through the woods one day,
the glorious Banner Knight,
met a mighty man at arms,
who challenged him to fight.
And when the noble knight,
stepped foot upon the ground,
out came forty villians,
and gathered him, around.
The Banner Knight, he laughed and said,
'At last the odds are true!
I'll bash you all, upon the head
and hack you, through and through! '
And then in just a trice, he gave their necks a slice.
And as he watched them bleed, he marvelled at his deed.
But then the Devil did appear, attired all in red.
'I will take these men, good knight,
since you have made them dead.'
'Take their souls, ' the brave knight said,
'for them I do care not.
But leave their flesh and bones.
Feel free to let them rot.
For worms and birds and crawly things,
they too need to eat.
All God's creatures, big and small,
they must have their meat.'
But when the Devil heard God's name,
he hurried him away.
He took with him those poor damned souls,
with nothing more to say.
And the Banner Knight, on he did ride.
The sun was shining bright.
He whistled him a merry tune.
His heart was gay and light!

Onida 23 August 2007

its really awsm! i likd the poem verr very much! well done!

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Ted Sheridan 10 August 2007

This is great reading as you assured me it would be.

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