The Hardest Trigger I Never Pulled Poem by Bob and Alex Eichen

The Hardest Trigger I Never Pulled

Andrew, Andrew, my beautiful boy!
Andrew, Andrew, my pride and joy!
Andrew, Andrew, where have you gone?
Why, oh why, have you left me so alone?
You've gone on a journey,
You've gone so far away!
And now I sit and cry and cry
The whole long night and day.
Oh how I want
to come with you!
I no longer want to live,
But I have other children,
and other relatives.
With but just a squeeze.
I could join you in the sky
But painfully I must live on
I don't get to die.
We might be separated,
if I do myself some harm,
So I must wait and wait and wait
To hold you in my arms.
God needed you in heaven
because you were so good.
You already were an angel
This he understood.
When God, I finally stand before
He better tell me why
Why, oh why, a father lived.
Why the son, he had to die!

My son was Andrew Thomas Eichen and he became an angel on 24SEP08 and this poem is dedicated to his memory.

Kelly Allen Vinal 29 September 2008

Interesting use of meter and rhyme! Powerful content! Well done!

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Tanya Stanford 29 September 2008

Wow. Very sad and dramatic. Brilliant impactful write.

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