The Missing Flowers Poem by Julio 2 Amarante

The Missing Flowers

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The gray man hardly sited
So he was in his bed all day.
Knowing it was not the healthiest way.

The sky had been stolen from him.
The Sea had been hidden from his
Presence to punish him and build
Something He didn't want to be.

Laughter had been kidnapped
Children were like kitchen knives
Adapted to cut here or chop there.
He was been erased, that was clear

The waters where he used to swim
Dreamed with that lost human,
And sometimes the rivers awakened
Crying for a Swimming Man
Nostalgia from the waters so wide
It was,
That even the Jacuzzi water missed him.
For in the old days, waters big and small were his home of happiness

The skies asked infinity if that little human
Had eventually been spotted anywhere
He that had stared at them for so long
In such a way the sky felt praised and happy.

Infinity told Time Unchained of the subject
Time was remembering the languid Man
And felt sorry for not been openly despised
For there are not many so wild around
He made with me what I make with the trout
Freezing its movement jumping in the water fall.

So Infinity called the breeze, the high winds
The monsoons and the Coriolis force.
And they respond speaking of remorse

There are eight billion spirits in this planet
So small and fragile in the immensities
Of Stars and Nebulae and Clusters.

So infinity looked everywhere and found
A spirit almost dreaming in a sea of fantasies
Bounds broken, lamenting for the seas lost.

The Man told him that he was supposed to put a nail in the door
That he was supposed to clean the floor
So he had been always reflecting.

Thinking of the lost skies and of the Sea first
Dreaming with Laughter of Women and Children
Secondly, especially the warmest bodies and the simplest of smiles.
Sensing the cold Dark Matter and Energy between galaxy Clusters
In third place for we all things are connected

As Dancing stilled, he listened to the music with fervor
Which was probably next to be Stolen from him

So the passing days were not long enough
To get the hammer or the vacuum cleaner.
For he was a dreamer, not really a cleaner.
He felt sorry for having such a mess
So he apologized to Infinity for his bad behavior

Infinity knew that his sparkle was nothing, just a fickle in eternity
But as he was being summoned by the waters and skies
He told the man all about their legitimate concerns

The man was struggling with his keyboard
Which he though was coerced to make him feel
Little and incorrect, in terms of psychological torture.
The man didn't care about been called paranoid

Or diagnosed with two or three mental diseases
For he knew that a metier of psyquiatry needed to show results.
Or they were fired or sent to diagnose idle children
Or worst, were obliged to find some suitable to them too.

The Man was struggling and suddenly stopped
Inspired deeply two or three times and answered

Yesterday I Listened to music for it is fading away
So tell the Sky and the Water that I long for them
But still remember them around Music and Images.

Tell them that I am almost done and gone
And nothing will remain of my passion or fire.

Tell Music, yourself if you may
That I'm going astray forever
That I feel sorry for only listening
And never managed to play
Because I am a dreamer not a doer.

Many times I have tried to thrive the path of the builders
And failed and failed and failed, I have been defeated.

So I concluded that I am really a failure.
I would feel satisfied to say that I've found,
At last, the true nature of the spirit within.

To know what I always have been,
After all this struggle of dreaming
And losing, and losing and losing.

Wanting to see and always miss the exact sight,
Wanting to understand and arrive at complications
Believing in losing a victory in the end of my blight.

So, Infinity, I realize that You may be only a concept
A construct of my troubled spirit in its loneliness

Although that changes nothing, for I know how
The Skies and the Waters of the Earth and Air
May miss me, because I sensed their Despair
As an inner Cold Dark Feeling I cannot bear.

Monday, August 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Sarah Shahzad 11 January 2020

A good poem, very well wrote....word choice and you cleverly used them...good flow of lines. awesome read, keep sharing & writing.. :)

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Dr Antony Theodore 15 October 2019

Although that changes nothing, for I know how The Skies and the Waters of the Earth and Air May miss me, because I sensed their Despair As an inner Cold Dark Feeling I cannot bear......very fine and very expressive of inner turmoil and full of emotion. thank u dear poetess. tony

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Chinedu Dike 08 September 2019

An insightful piece of poetry well articulated and nicely brought forth with clarity of thought and mind. An interesting story written with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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