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Save Water

Free Verse Poem

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Roses are sweet, but not petit,

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As the sun rises,


We make great effort and style,

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I feel so worried, as if I'm going to get sick,
If it was a trick, I would be delighted to wake up,

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We are equal, but with diverse ways and meaning of life,
We are equal, but end with same manner in this life,

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Sarah shahzad is here. I love to express my feelings and imagination in poems. I love reading books and watching movies but somehow, I get some time for study and writing short poems. I mostly like to write about nature, community, life, flora and fauna and so on. Along with publishing my work on poemhunter, I maintain and write for the couple of blogs: and thank you)

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Water On Earth Save Water

Save Water

Free Verse Poem

.We drink and use water,

.Without knowing what it does,

.What benefits it gives,

.Water is around but has decreased,

.Without knowing that the world is drying,

.Before the leaves get crooked up as life,

.We need to save water, to save our life,

.Water helps everything,

.As we need to help it too,

.We do not need water just to drink and use,

.We need it, to help it, so it can help us too.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

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Yewande Adedokun 16 July 2020

Your poems are sublime and creates this atmosphere that leaves only me in the inbetween. Thank you.

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Harry brown 25 May 2020

I’m happy with the way you’ve described the art,,

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Fabrizio Frosini 08 December 2019

thank you, Sarah! Cheers

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