Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Most Beautiful Truth I Know.

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The fractures of a human mind,
Untidy, a mess of untied ribbons
Frayed and faded.
The picture once sweet
Subsides to a shallow shadow.
Her silhouette was bold in darkness,
She liked it.
Walking with it behind, beside, in front of her body
Wherever the sun fell and drifted to
Whenever the moon glistened in the deepened shade of the ocean sky,
A spot light keen to discover her shape and temper.
She is alone.
She didn't care.
Her mind was the company she sought to keep.
Where were they?
And what was love.
Love was supposed to be a tidal wave of happiness
Meant to wash up the sadness scattered in the sand.
Kissing and healing a soul of madness
Or convincing two worlds that they are one dream,
A tiptoe away from a nightmare.
She was allured by the nightmare,
Where quietly lies the truth.
She couldn't quite reach it,
She didn't know what it was to be in love.
Was too afraid to grab it by the collar
And pull it in.
Was scared she was already passed happiness,
Would drown in him instead of receiving healing kisses.
Who is this man she has created for so many years,
And this notion of love as a blue bird's endless song.
Easy love, easy love.
She never wanted easy.
Fantasies of passionate heartache
Letting love destroy and explode with a fire
That cannot be cooled.
Where the Phoenix rises like a God,
She wanted to be someone's Goddess of Everything.
Years of happy solitude etched away the promise
Of a man shining like a sun just to warm her pretty face.
The music casting hours of freedom
In perfect loneliness.
How sad it is to see her boldness fade into content.
The confusion she thought conquered
Stirring once again inside
The human fragments of the mind.
Maybe it's never going to end,
The breath wavers in the crisp air
Swerving like the highs and lows of the world.
A moment of perfection and she forgets to keep her head loose of the questions.
Remember sweet girl, leave them behind as the ocean leaves the shore.
The answers aren't in anything we can imagine.
She takes a step back from the sun,
The moon,
into the shade where she has found
The most beautiful truth she has ever known:
Nothing really matters.
Leah Ayliffe
Topic(s) of this poem: lost,love,solitude
Tom Allport 27 April 2017
a fascinating poem of realising what really matters? that of the truth? ......wonderfully written.
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Daniel Brick 15 April 2015
Oh, I don't believe the last two lines! I think the situation of this dramatic monologue has exhausted the speaker, and her expression that nothing matters is only a temporary stopgap against the overwhelming tide of possibilities she has released in her imagination. She can't wrap her mind around so much. But at this moment she is also incapable of editing out anything her mind takes into her consciousness, so the overload and temporary stopgap are inevitable... That will last as long as it must for things in the consciousness to settle in - which they will - but then this exhilarating feeling will also settle in place, and the fire of energy become a glow. But I doubt that energy will be just an intermittent spark, it will continue to burn, it will never be reduced to smoldering... You know what I was reminded of reading this poem - OK, this is heavy: D.H.Lawrence's WOMEN IN LOVE, one of the great novels about our erotic nature and erotic lives. Gudrun watches from the shadows her prospective lover throw rocks at the moon's reflection in the lake, as he rails against Cybele's power over him - which Gudrun embodies in fleshly form - but it's the turning point. In the next chapter THRESHOLD they become lovers. Rupert no longer is trying to eliminate Cybele from his consciousness, nor Gudrun from his life. It is a dramatization of the Most Beautiful Truth!
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Kelly Kurt 08 April 2015
Well written, Leah. I truly enjoyed your poem
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Akhtar Jawad 08 April 2015
She takes a step back from the sun, The moon, into the shade where she has found The most beautiful truth she has ever known: Nothing really matters. Nothing. An amazing poem, really liked it...................10
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