The New Flag Poem by Randy McClave

The New Flag

The United States has become a country for the chosen
Now with greed and hatred and lies our flag has been rewoven,
The red and the white and the blue doesn't mean as it had once before
Now upon many proud Americans, the United States is now calling war.
Upon only one Bible must we all now believe in and pray
And that's the bible that was written by the N.R.A,
Where it's legal to carry machine guns to go and to buy your bread
And there's no problem when a child is shot dead.
It's illegal to ask anyone for health reasons to wear a mask or to get a vaccine
And if they cry out, "No! " they are allowed by law to a destructive scene,
They can cry out that the government doesn't have a right to control their body
No matter of the tats and the drugs and no matter how shoddy.
They can protest that the government can't tell them what to do or say
With drugs, smoking, drinking its all acceptable and okay,
But, unto a woman's body the government will do whatever that they will or can
Unto all women the United States of America is becoming the Taliban.
Red now stands for a party of hate and also dread
Where they scream out the constitution they had patriotically read,
They believe that their guns should be placed on the highest perch
And they believe that our government should be controlled by the church.
White is now the color for a very bigoted race
No longer do they need to wear over their heads a white pillowcase,
If you're gay or transgender or an immigrant or a person of a different belief
Then from this country they now want you to hastily leave.
Blue is now the color that they want those who are different to feel
They don't want this country never to ever truly heal,
They support only the rich and the powerful which is so sad, but true
While the poor and the working class continually suffers and feels blue.
Traitors and the unpatriotic want their beliefs rewoven in the flag
Making it nothing more than a worthless piece of rag,
Now if our founding fathers had known of Americas directions and fates
Would they had fought and died for the United States.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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