The Night Ride Poem by Kenneth Slessor

The Night Ride

Rating: 2.7

Gas flaring on the yellow platform; voices running up and down;
Milk-tins in cold dented silver; half-awake I stare,
Pull up the blind, blink out - all sounds are drugged;
the slow blowing of passengers asleep;
engines yawning; water in heavy drips;
Black, sinister travellers, lumbering up the station,
one moment in the window, hooked over bags;
hurrying, unknown faces - boxes with strange labels -
all groping clumsily to mysterious ends,
out of the gaslight, dragged by private Fates,
their echoes die. The dark train shakes and plunges;
bells cry out, the night-ride starts again.
Soon I shall look out into nothing but blackness,
pale, windy fields, the old roar and knock of the rails
melts in dull fury. Pull down the blind. Sleep. Sleep
Nothing but grey, rushing rivers of bush outside.
Gaslight and milk-cans. Of Rapptown I recall nothing else.

michael 10 March 2019

this has no good language or grammar

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4riwetb 20 June 2019

what is this about

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ShrekLover69 16 September 2019

I want to please Shrek. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my with his love. My dad walks in. Shrek looks him straight in the eye, and says, " It's all ogre now" . Shrek leaves through my window. Shrek is love. Shrek is life

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Michael Obama 16 September 2019

This is cringe, CRINGE ALERT, CRINGE. This poem is really really cringe

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OBAMA 16 September 2019

You wanna know how I got these scars? My father was an ancap and a gamer and one night he acts cringier than usual. Mommy takes the PS4 because he's being bad. He doesn't like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me watching, he roundhouse kicks her, laughing while he does it. Turns to me and says " Why so cringey? " Comes at me with the phone. " Why so cringey? " Sticks the phone in my face.

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OBAMA 16 September 2019

This poems explains about the beauty of your mother, her kindness, her beauty and her love

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Michael Barnes 30 August 2019

Rappville, north of Grafton I think, but another school of thought thinks Bargo, near Camden NSW.

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Kenneth Slessor

Kenneth Slessor

Orange, New South Wales
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