The Duel Of Seduction Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski

The Duel Of Seduction

A dueling pair with agendas hidden,
One to smite, or one to be smitten?

To satiate hunger, will she submit?
To weave rapture into romance, will he permit?

His arms capture and enclose her waist,
Her cautious flesh tightly embraced.

Body to body and hips against hips,
Faces converging toward uncertain lips.

Ears and neck, his kisses assail,
Her ramparts to weaken, her resistance derail.

His fingers explore, she is searched and peeled,
For treasures secured, secrets concealed.

Her contours and curves, he savors and strokes,
He probes and explores, and passion provokes.

Her defenses relaxing, a weakness created,
Her barriers lowered and reluctance abated.

Suddenly springs, from her depths a doubt,
Is now the time ripe, to take this route?

Are the stars just right, are the planets aligned,
To completely surrender her presence of mind?

Into the night of a daylily unfolding,
His fingers pleasing, her will remolding.

He caresses to inspire safety and trust,
To fan the flames of her latent lust.

She grows more secure to yield and surrender,
What he craves most of her feminine gender.

To attain her desires and dreams to fulfill,
To capture his heart, should she submit to his will?

With final abandon her doubts release,
Her design to unfold, her storm to unleash.

A tempest now triggered, her figure flung wide,
Vestments are discarded and modesty's denied.

Her offering now made, his mind to allure,
Her charms deployed, his heart to secure.

Her arms embrace, but coils entwine,
His heart to succumb to her primal design.

Her resistance now gone, but did she first feign,
His soul to snare, her heart to reign?

But ravenous passions demand their reward,
So doubts are discarded and reason ignored.

Bound by flames their seduction does fuel,
Captives in passion, compelled to duel.

The invasion begins, pounding hearts propelling,
Conspirators moaning and in rapture reveling.

Their frenzied coupling igniting a fuse.
Convulsive furor their fusion cues.

Mayhem, plunder, pleasure all heighten,
Actors ensnared, their tangles all tighten.

Thundering echoes, growing anticipation,
Their bodies tense, approaching detonation.

As fuse depleted, crescendo glorious,
Two hearts exploding, one soul victorious.

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