Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Rookie - 171 Points (January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

The One That Knows To Do Everything - Poem by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Where is that one who
To a maximum of perfection knew
To do

Lots of self-declared
All-round experts
tinkering with all kinds of matters
Simultaneously in one Person,
Well, that's true.

But with the greater lot of great
Achievers in the world
It is known that their
Multiple faceted talents are but focused on travailling on
One and Only
One specific field of art, as of actions,
With all of their hearts concentrated in
Love for the object of their attention,

Outstretched their claws,
Their minds duly centered,

One man having a smart hand for gardening,
One for striding thru beautiful gardens
Another's talent -.
cooking, carpainting, entertaining, internet training..
Whatever. - to be
Satisfying the needs and
Gustos of their respective communities
Where they make out the good living.

One flickers a lively poetical camera hand
For showing us the mirror, in pictures,
Another conjures the dream of a future utopia by
The colours of today,
A third one writes this poem here.

Only God is said to
Know to do Everything,
Though even He Himself -
By all delegations of Gods and Goddesses
In God's high human divinity -
Seems not to opt to come out
As one individual all-achiever, a God in flesh
- Aside from the eye in His believer -
Amongst His creation of species.

For God's omnipotency lies safely
Hidden in the folds of the
Unsoiled, unspoiled.
It is meant to come down
To us
In Trickles.

Otherwise, through the course of rude history,
We the humans should have become
Truly one global human nation,
With one good-hearted king of
Solar descendency
Ruling the whole wide world.

It hasn't happened like that.

Diversity and multiplicity,
We ought to know it by now, is
The name of the game in this
Divine Creation of our cosmos and of
These stunning life events here on earth.

So far,
Clashes of imperfection being the
Sole motor of developments
Down here with us,

Fuelled, even how crude the fuel,
in heaven -
As dumb the state of the ruling human lot,

While bravely handled by all gods, demigods, and lesser figures
Walking the earth,

Real Achievers are all found
Concentrated in their doings at best on
Each of their
Respective subjects of knowledge.

Easy for everyone to
Complain about each and everything,
Much more difficult for one soul to
Deliver ideas for good solutions to even
One of all those self-made problems.

I for one am
Engaged with the promulgation of the idea of a postmonetary human future.

Everyone, today more so than ever,
Laments about the ills of the money world,
Only rarely but one individual
Dares to plead with the leaders of
The world
To Abolish
And wipe from the
Face of the Earth
That ruthless money.

One example only mentioned here
In this context,
Where the human kind standing
As one Man in Destiny
Could be focused on
So as to alleviate the burden of life

By decorating the joy of existence
with the crown of individual self-fulfillment in
Global co-operation.

The many many more examples
Of well paying one-mindedness
To be applied and realized in the world
I'll have to leave to think of
To the diverse readers of these lines..

Since I for one am
Not the one
Who knows to

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