The Other Side Of Dawn Poem by R B Seals

The Other Side Of Dawn

Rating: 4.5

I always think of her no matter time of day
No matter the influences that come my way,
Though parted by distance and trials of day
She is with me no matter come what may.

For me a treasure of heart 'n soul too often rare
Blessed by depth of character beyond compare,
Truly a miracle personified I must declare
To always honor and cherish to show I care.

Always a part of me is the notion of how I feel
Her presence beyond spirit though not quite real,
My unbound feelings for her will one day reveal
A love—for now—I'm honor-bound to conceal.

The Other Side Of Dawn
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: affection,love,love and life,woman
Wild Grass Cad 05 February 2016

beautiful poem so inspiring.. i can relate so much

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R B Seals 05 February 2016

Thank you, Cherry, for your beautiful comment. I am happy you found it enjoyable. You must tell me some time how you arrived at Wild Grass Cad for a pen name. I would be most interested to learn about its origin. Take care in all you do, Cherry...and again, Thanks!

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Melissa Tamayo 31 January 2016

Absolutely beautiful! ! Thank you for sharing...

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R B Seals 01 February 2016

Thank you for your kind words, Melissa! I am glad you found a measure of enjoyment from the writing. Best wishes in all your endeavors!

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Kim Barney 04 December 2015

Very intriguing poem. The last two lines My unbound feelings for her will one day reveal A love—for now—I'm honor-bound to conceal. seem to imply that you are in love with someone else's wife and cannot do anything about it at this time. Well written.

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R B Seals 05 December 2015

Stupid PC...the last reply should read...someone else's wife.... Please excuse the oversight.

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R B Seals 04 December 2015

Thank you, Kim for your review of the work and your kind rating. Yes, the phrase honor-bound to conceal'' I felt would add an element of mystery at the end that readers would appreciate. Perhaps it is someoneelse's wife, or maybe it's the writer who is married. Maybe both are married and thus, the mystery remains unsolved. Best wishes, Kim!

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