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Once there was a teddy
who seemed to be unhappy
It was from an old factory
that was running in the city

How to move when u r stuck
How to step forward if ur feet are chained in the ground
Chained by uncertainties
The courageous heart is nowhere to find

Im afraid of getting close
So do you
Im afraid to utter my thoughts
I think u too

My man where are you?
I'm here alone and waiting.
My man where are you?
for love I'm kind and giving

The poison was cast in the wind; thousands of eyes were left open by the souls who stared the world from beneath.
It was silence after the war;
and only the memory of numbness remembered the frightening sights of blood.
the smell of the dead goes through me.

I love you..
words i dedicated to you
for there are always flowers and music in your presence
that can take away my fear and sadness

This is not the first poem i've written
for you sweet guy
I still remember when i used to furtively glance of u
wen u smiled ur eyes did too

If i wouldn't see u in the future,
i'd rather stay in the past.
We are parted by distance
but united by love.

when time comes, please let go easily.
when time comes shed tears not so long.
when time comes, whisper in the air and tell me how much u love me.
when time comes, close ur eyes and feel me.

In the dark tonight, ,
i ve got abducted by fears and sadness
When silence and worries connived,
and even the humming of emptiness is coaxing me not to stop. I am in a battle of my own, no one is here to cry on.

Lets walk together a little more.

Meeting A lost wanderer
who are you?

Ur the man i used to dream about.
But i didnt know u have someone else in ur mind
I was with u, i thought ur with me
But ur heart, wish the time to flee


Iginuhit q ang aking tadhana
Gamit ang tintang sa puso.ngmula
Makulay maliwanag may dilim at payapa
Ang pinsel ng buhay sa magarang pinta

Your words that are hurting me...
I hate u....
You are seeing a mirror that cant reveal what i really want.....
thoughts that I'm fighting too much

when there's gleam out of darkness
when the tiny seed began to sprout from the soil
when the dew fell from the leaves that was brought by the dawn

isang pintig ang aking naulinigan
kasama ng kabang sa akin ay nanahan
isinakdal ng sariling pkiramdam
sa kaibuturan ng pagibig na inasam

sa pagpihit ng araw,
suminting ang pagibig.
nagmula sa kung ano
nagtapos sa paano.

Kelan? kelan q malalaman ang hangganan?
Ang hangganan ng pagtitimpi at dusa,
sa hapdi ng nadarama
ang hapis na sakiy nanahan na

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Myself Within

I just wanna live happy/ live my life simply/ I dont ask for too much /all I want is a heart /of courage and love/I am afraid of failures /but they are always around/ I often chase success but myself is not enough/ afraid to fail but i think i have/i wanna be strong but i dont know how/I tend to step forward but i used to be a coward/ one word to ask..answer will last/ You, who love and support me /would you be disappointed if i just chose to be me? /

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