The Painting Poem by Tarun Sharma

The Painting

Rating: 3.3

i am not an artist
i am not interested either
but i am painting
since i got senses

i don't have canvasses
neither do oil dipped brushes
i have only my dreams
with open eyes towards this world

i have never seen
what i am painting
the only clue i got
it's her presence that i always felt

like her absence
that i always repent
a different kind of warmth
i have found savin' me in this cold world

don't know why?
it seems to appearing
on a window next lane
yes the one with clear glass pane

baby pink color top
tickeled with her blessed smile
and all her hair'
like caring the soothing face from scorch

i painted every mood
on that window
in almost every season
with my dreams, so obvious

it's almost complete now
i just wanna' give a name
what should i call my painting
dream, love, attraction, heart, all looks unreal

i called it breath
cause' i have forgot to breathe
long since i have painted it
tomorrow it is going to gallery for presentation

see! i painted it
and someone will appreciate
and for some dollars
my breath will go.....

Sathyanarayana M V S 30 November 2008

Very good imagery and mellowed tone. But in the second half; the tempo dulled a bit and the ending should have been made even more effective; having started so wonderfully well. However I liked it for its sheer beauty and give u 10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 30 November 2008

This is a word painting on the web canvass.

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