The Path Poem by Sara Tehrani

The Path

Rating: 5.0

This sinless mind is the flower matured from a burly thick root
With just one shade of colour, standing as one to prove
That this path that's risen is richer… this path is deeper,
This path that has blossomed is brighter…and this path is stronger

Tall, proud and dignified, he walks
His mind set firmly, effortlessly letting the lord answer all his wheres and whys
But even though his path is strong-boned
He walks this path very alone

This sinful mind, is a rootless flower
Diverse with a course of colors, growing freely to prove
That this route is richer, this direction is deeper
This belonging is brighter, and this surrounding is stronger

Tall, proud and dignified, she runs
Her mind set free, open to the sky and sea, with questions she’s forever had in her mind
But even though her path is free
She runs it very lonely

When his path slightly shudders and slowly he sees a crack
Her path slightly quakes and she slowly feels it too
When he hears a small explosion that lifts up his path
She hears the same explosion that lifts up hers

A small path joins his,
He stands still amazed,
She stands still startled;
A man is stood in the space she considered would forever be left empty.
She reaches out her hand in the hope that he will accept
He looks up in question, asking God why he gives him this girl

Heed the Lord says, this time the answer is with you
The sinless mind firmly asks the sinful mind ‘why are you here? ’
The sinful mind softly replies ‘To share this path with you’

Copyrighted Sara Tehrani 2008


Heed the Lord says, this time the answer is with you..... you will have all the answers from his words.... beautifully worded poem.. so nice.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 29 May 2009

A marvelous poem with the path. Wonderfully penned!

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Rachel Brewer 27 May 2009

hi, first i would like to thank you for taking an interest in my poems, i appreciate your thoughts. second, i really like this poem! it's full of wonderful imagery and the story told is beautiful throughout. you say your not a poet, you are! well done, i hope you write more because i would love to read them. xxxx

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