The Perfect Song! Poem by Denis Martindale

The Perfect Song!

One Summer's day, I heard a tune, that took my breath away,
Recorded on that afternoon, on my cassette to play.
I played it back, ten times or so, transfixed as in a dream,
Its beauty set to overflow, considered as supreme.

The voice and orchestration blessed my soul, my heart and mind,
As Nat King Cole sang at his best, as if for all Mankind.
As if with wisdom Heaven-sent, direct from God above,
The perfect song, meant as a friend, called When I Fall In Love.

Though decades have both come and gone, I sing this now and then,
To imitate its light that shone, that I found way back when,
When songs were like a miracle, melodic and with style,
When songs were joys, for one and all, enough to make us smile.

When talent simply raised the bar, to set the standard high,
When talent made someone a star, that no-one could deny.
Yes, there are songs I know come close, to this, the perfect song,
Yet here's the song that brings me bliss, enough to sing along.

Denis Martindale, the 11th of May 2023.

Another tribute poem to Nat King Cole.
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The Perfect Song!
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: heart song,song,famous people
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