The Perks Of Life Poem by Wolf the poet

The Perks Of Life

Like a blade of grass
Some as sharp like shards of glass
Grass in its part of the flora and fauna, has its own class
Its vegetative nature so serene
And a more productive member of the food chain

Deep thoughts with the deep
I take you to the wild
Where nature runs wild
The animals living in hierachy
At this end we got the prey; some nutritious than the others
At the far end we got the predators
With teeth sharp like the Alligator's

The prey if not so careful
Would be maimed, mauled, and torn apart
It's juice and soul sniffed out of existence
For the predators have no remorse
As the prey always multiply in number
The tally always rises up with time

In the orchard, i take you to the field of roses
Their petals so fresh, so fragrant and a sweet scent to our noses
I came to a realisation that
Not all roses are the same
Some are beautiful, bloomy even but have thorns
With this concept, i am trapped in the horns of my dilemma

Roses are quite a sight
Plucking one requires one intelligent farmer
If plucked wrongly, its value will deppreciate
The rose yes the rose
Is quite a folk lore and a riddle

A leopard has spots
Always changing its spots
An apex predator it is
Always keen before jumping and mauling its prey
Up to this memorable day
When the atmosphere and the sky is so gay
I recite and write about the perks of life

My thoughts bring me to a bus driver
He is so keen to reach the intended destination
To the passengers no strings attached
One look through the window
A beautiful curvacious girl twerking by the bridge
A twinkled eye moment hitting a boulder falling off the wagon
Blame the driver all you want
But the real poison is the girl twerker
A distractor, a weed in need to be uprooted

The glue pot is so sticky
The honey so sweet
The juice absolutely refreshening
Once the glue pot is inserted by many hands
Will it be sticky? Definately not
The adhesive will wear off
Changing the name from the glue pot to an hollow pot
Just lamenting the perks of life

The perks of life
The devil is in the details
Hello Mr Squirrel, where's your hole
I trynna chase him, bypass many holes
But Mr squirrel sticks to its hole no matter the distance
The squirrels hole though, can offer a chance
To various predators like the snake puff udder
Enlarging the hole wider is the snake's main agenda
It devours, destroys and finally takes its french leave
Not my thoughts, call it the perks of life

The Perks Of Life
Life is a riddle
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