Shaun Foster

The Pledge - Poem by Shaun Foster

It was only just a week ago, I heard she passed away
My heart was sad and I made a pledge to visit her today
We met so many years ago when youth was in its prime
And her blue eyes always sparkled when she looked into mine.

For just one lovely summer, like children we were one
But soon the winds of autumn drove away the sun
My mind is vague I do not know, how we drifted apart
Yet still throughout the fleeting years her memory dwelt in my heart.

In the quiet churchyard I find her grave and place a little bouquet
Of the flowers she loved so dearly, on the dark unyielding clay
Through misty eyes and teardrops I try to say a prayer
But my voice begins to tremble in the chilly winter air.

As I leave the plot and walk away, a young girl passes by
To stop beside her resting place, beneath the dark grey sky
And looking back I see a girl with blue eyes all aglow
The image of my secret love, from years of long ago.

Hurriedly I leave this place, to me a desolate scene
Wondering and puzzled, by the face I now have seen
This had to be her daughter, which Heaven did decree
But although she looked just like her, she also looked like me….

~~~ The Pledge Sequel.~~~

I return to the place where she softly sleeps
Alone I kneel down and quietly weep
The flowers she loved, I have brought once again
As my mind swirls with heartbreak, sorrow and pain.

I think back to days now so long ago,
We went different ways, why I don't know
I wonder about the time when she died
Did she think of our love and softly sigh?

And who was the girl I once saw at this grave,
The one with blue eyes, looking so brave
Sometimes, things are not what they seem
Did I really see someone or was it a dream?

I now bend and whisper, 'I never meant harm'
Then suddenly, someone is touching my arm
Turning to look and with some great surprise
I see now beside me, the girl with blue eyes.

She speaks very clearly, just like my lost lover
And really I cannot tell one from the other
Smiling, the girl gives a letter to me
saying, 'This is a meeting my mother decreed'.

I open the letter to read the first line
And on it is written 'You always were mine
I knew you would be here, someday somehow
I have sent our daughter to meet you now'.

My mind is engulfed, reading these words of love
Alone with my thoughts and grey clouds above
As I read the last line, tears dim my eyes
When I learn that our daughter also has died.

And here in this cool and misty scene
the sky changes slowly, from dark to serene.
I look for the girl, but she seems to have gone
like darkness which fades at the rising of dawn.

~~~ The Pledge Fulfilled.~~~

The winter snow falls softly, to paint the churchyard white
And I feel it is my last time here before my soul takes flight
Too soon the years have quickly fled, since she passed away
But I always kept my promise, to be here come what may.

On her grave I place the flowers, as tears now fall again
With this once strong heart now broken and body racked with pain
A cold wind chills my very soul; I must try to say a prayer
Perhaps the last one I will speak, as my breath clouds winter air.

Now suddenly the pain returns and brings me to my knees
I cannot speak, I am alone, except for leafless trees
With bended head my tears still fall, within this icy scene
Yet on her grave they seem like pearls, glowing and serene.

I realize all life must end, yet do not question why
As I breathe a last contrition, below the dark grey sky
If only I could see her, one more time before I go
But my eyes are getting hazy and I feel so very cold.

Then I seem to be supported, with both my arms held tight
And I am lifted from the ground, again to stand upright
No more pain, my head is clear, the winter chill has gone
An aura now surrounds me, just like a bright new dawn.

I lift my head and see my love, smile with all her charms
As she holds me close and whispers "I will always keep you warm"
Still linked, we rise above her grave as I look silently down
And see the figure of myself, lying on the ground.

'Have no fear' she tells me, 'You have only left a shell
We are going on a journey and believe me, all is well'
Then our spirits blend together, as we glide far out of sight
to break the mortal chains of Earth and seek the Heavenly light.

Comments about The Pledge by Shaun Foster

  • Hazel Durham (4/6/2013 2:49:00 PM)

    So hauntingly beautiful a story that is mesmerizing, powerful and spiritual!
    Brilliant write!

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  • Ellias Anderson Jr. (8/1/2012 4:10:00 AM)

    it really makes me cry..because it's perfect and had no word to say...
    well done just well done..

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  • Valerie Dohren (7/30/2012 3:25:00 PM)

    Absolutely beautiful - an epic write, which I enjoyed reading very much. So very well written and rhymed. A great piece of work, well done. (Report)Reply

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