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The Pledge Of Allegiance’s, “one Nation Under God” - Poem by Luke Easter

Okay! Americans are in an uproar, “One Nation Under God, ”
And yet just like, “In God We Trust” on money I find this odd,
Since so many had much to say about the Trayvon Martin case,
3 Blacks give 1 White kid 2 black eyes then shoe print his face.

Nada! Those who were vocal in retaliation, “boycott the state, ”
Australian Baseball Player Christopher Lane killed due to hate,
Likewise, Delbert Belton 88, beaten to death by 2 Black teens,
Chris was only 22 as racism by gunshot snuffed out his dreams.

In 1892 for a magazine contest it pledged allegiance to the flag,
U.S. Supreme Court, “burning it is not a crime” makes some gag,
Whereas, not the whole nation because of those choosing to burn,
Are born & raised in this country, working here a living they earn.

I remember reciting the Pledge while Rosa Parks was sent to jail,
DNA exonerates unjustly convicted where the system would fail,
McDonald’s, WalMart, billion $$ corporations, workers get paid,
Lest than pennies on a dollar but it is our Nation’s minimum wage.

President Eisenhower & Congress added the phrase way back in 1954,
While Colored Folk had to enter establishments through the back door,
Then there were the separate drinking fountains, places to eat & sleep,
Tests had trick questions on job applications Blacks couldn’t complete.

Sorry! This matter is not about discrimination against Atheist’s Rights,
Nor the law firms that represent these individuals in a courtroom fight,
Both students and teachers alike in the classrooms can be, 'openly gay, '
While, “One Nation Under God” the 'Ten Commandments' we cannot say?

“One nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all' is another fallacy,
Indigent innocent people are incarcerated everyday as guilty rich go free,
Isaiah 1: 17 says, “Learn to do right, seek justice, relieve the oppressed…”
Mortgage Companies & Collection Agencies garner $$$ based on a guess?

Celebs’ like Tiger Woods & many others chant to Buddha on a daily basis,
Openly ignoring talented gifts bestowed upon them by God’s good graces,
“Under God” mourned the loss of the passing of Rev. George M. Docherty,
A godless pledge could easily be for Communist Russia, what a mockery.

A point he argued during a sermon preached in 1954 in honor of, “Honest Abe, ”
His birthday celebration and a national holiday we recognize to this very day,
No Under God “omits the definitive character of the American Way of Life.'
Hate crimes, political scandals, drug use and human trafficking, “Yeah Right! ”

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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