Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 3,265 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

The Potential Onslaught - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

What is this potential?
What is this fire breathing dragon?
How do we define how others judgements hurt us or help us?
A higher rating of self-esteem.
With thoughts about rewards yet redeemed.
Little achieved so it seems.
But what lies under this veil of darkness of the human mind, of mankind?
Something of a jewel left behind.
Nothing for me is any longer so sublime.
A bitter wasteland, we become so completely disconnected with realities so adjacent to our very own.
The light shines only upon which it is shown.
Recognition of the most demanding entity.
But in what way, a course to stay.
For what is it that's stopping you? Pride, or is it a moral objection?
Wrong is defined by the momentum of the truth.
Victory sails, not on what is gained but what is lost.
So what is it I have lost I say at this moment for I have yet to give in?
That is called perspective, I'm looking up while others are looking down.
As if all these men with wings are an aspiration of something I'd actually want to be.
Maybe it's the way society teaches, breed us is wrong.
For we have all made a acception to it as it is the way it has to be.
Fate protrudes her pretty little the way she always and always will.
She continuously beats me with a stick.
Trying to make me conform.
But to conform one must lie to themselves saying we do not have a choice or a voice.
No individuality.
Brainwashing that along the lines of slavery.
Rules do bend, sway, and break.
Ideas become dangerous and fear creeps in.
What if, as if ever could.
Sometimes our desires, and ambitions differ even if they seem the same.
For the cause, but only to serve a means to my end.
A pretense of reasoning as is there is no set future.
Take it out of the equations it makes things a lot simpler.
If it is not a solid foundation some think it will crumble.
So I say to the wind again and again, come take me, come break me.
Trip me.
Make me fall.
I will get back up a little wiser, a little older, and a little more ready for the next onslaught.

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