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The Pretty Moon

The pretty moon knows itself As a pretty planet all the time, We get sad when we miss it In a passing cloud or it's not there, but We keep loving it anytime, It's pretty and it's the pretty lovers' Safe haven all the time and anytime, True lovers sing pretty songs for it Because there is a mutual love between The pretty moon and its pretty lovers, The moon is always the same and it's Been like this for millions of years, Some people dream to go and live on The pretty moon because it's the lovers' house, The pretty NASA astronauts visited it and Had very pretty time with it, The pretty moon is in my poetry and all global Poets' pretty poetry all the time and anywhere, In Ramadan we start fasting with the moon's sighting And we break our fasting with the moon's return again, Everyone loves this pretty planet called 'THE MOON ' Because it's our closest and our prettiest neighbor, Some people dream about visiting the pretty moon Because it's going to be easy with available trips, and In a word, if a friend travels to the pretty moon I will send it a pretty flower with an invitation For a family visit to have a pretty lunch on top of it.