The Principle Of Total Independence Of The Legislature Poem by Matt Starking

The Principle Of Total Independence Of The Legislature


In the history of man we cannot tell of a nation without government, which makes government a major factor in the building of a nation. So the question is, why do we form government, in a society where there is no government, there are no rules and regulations and a society without rules and regulations people go astray and do anything they want, regardless of whose right is abused or whose life is taken. The human society is bound of doing both good and evil, so in other to do what is right and ignore all that is evil, then there is the need to form government to defend, protect and ensure equality for all. The greatest obligation of government is to ensure free and fairness, equality and justice, peace and the needs of all the people, so that one may not abuse other but one may be free to live what is perceive to be his destiny. That is government by the people, for the people and with the people, we don't form government because we think there are people who are very wise than others and they deserve to rule, abuse the people and enjoy whiles people suffer all their life.
So talking about government then what type of government is more preferable to be practiced in the human society in this 21st century. Is it monarchy as it is practiced in Britain, Arabia and other parts of Europe or is it autocracy of which many call communism as practiced in China, Russia, Africa and other parts of the world or the old fashion aristocracy of which people call it Democracy in modern times which is based on partisan politics of which is the game for the rich.
Yes democracy but democracy without the total independence of legislature is aristocracy. If government must provide and protect the people then it should not create errors or problems else it take the entire nation into suffocation or government must not corrupt to cause poverty to the people, hence the principle of the total independence of the legislature a modern democratic principle. This type of government and democratic principle reduces errors, corruption, partiality and it is very transparent, effective, simple to be practiced. This is like a throne built on a solid rock and it is for all time men.
Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln is clearly understood and it right, but democracy goes beyond government and not just one party in and another waiting for it turn, but covers all aspect of life, thus doing away with abuses and violence, shewing equality and justice, free and fairness economically, politically and socially, freedom and equal rights to the ordinary man as well as the weak and the poor and that is not power to who is rich and strong to manipulate and come to power. The principle of total independence of the legislature will strengthen government and fill the loopholes, a mechanism to fight partisan politics, partiality and corruption. I believe in the electoral process of electing or choosing a leader, but partisan politics has became a mechanism in government which creates propaganda, manipulation, partiality and makes government very weak, it does not bring the people together, it creates division, hence it fuels conflicts which sometimes leads to war, political instability, poverty etc. This is because a group of rich people with common ideas and objectives, they have similar aims and goals and they are bound to corrupt, seize power for a long time. In other to prevent all these obstacles in the human society then the best way is the principle of independence of the legislature which removes and destroys all the obstacles in government and brings transparency, free and fairness. I believe that every generation has his own way of life according to the errors and problems, opportunities of their time and the 19century political errors cannot continue in the 21st century and we must correct and put things right. The principle of the total independence of the legislature promotes unity in government, destroys corruption and it is very transparent, it is also a mechanism for accountability, it brings equity and justice, free and fairness and gives the entire nation a common aim and goals.
Government has three arms, thus the executive arm of government, which is the office of the presidency and his ministers, the legislature which is the law making arm of government responsible to make and implement laws and the judiciary which is to enforce the law or ensure that these laws are executed after it implementation. This is separation of powers and each arm of government is to check and balance one another to ensure free and fairness, equity and justice and transparency in government. In other to work effectively they must be separated completely from each other or else there will be corruption and mistrust in government. It doesn't matter the term of office, thus the number of years one is to be in office, I believe only through elections must one come to power and through election must they leave, because aside that, any other means of transferring power will end up in a blood share and civil war it doesn't has to be on the bases of one party coming to power and go for another to come, but a mechanism to ensure equality and justice, unity and progress and that the only principle which is very important in government is the principle of separation of powers and the principles of checks and balances, and without these principles government is very weak and useless. If so then why must the executive and the legislature be in the same political party and have the same aims and objectives, such a loophole in government is a major blow to democracy, this is the major reason why democracy has failed humanity. We have ignore such error in government for a long time and we have base democracy on how one party goes for another to come and not a mechanism to fight inequalities and corruption in government. For as far as the executive and the legislature are in the same party together, there will be corruption, inequalities and there can be tyranny, this is because if majority in parliament are also in the same party of the ruling government, then nobody can oppose them, there will be absolute power and wither policies are good or bad they will be forced on the people, they make laws to favor and protect themselves from the judiciary, they can seize power and abuse their authority, because after all the legislature is involved in the atrocities committed. These few people in power will be very rich and powerful whiles the majority of the people will be poor and suffer, there will be no wealth circulation, the rich will make policies to protect their wealth and investment cause their the same people in government, and they can monopolies all other industries for their selfish reasons and have control over government and government will never be effective and efficiently, because it can no longer protect the interest of all but the rich, for they come to power in other to make money out of the poor and not to help the common people. Politics is seen as investment, thus throw some money to win you power and get profit later on when you come to power, but government is by the people, with the people and for the people and if the majority in the senate or parliament are from the opposition party, then they will also oppose the ruling party for no other reason but just because they are the opposition, hence wither government policies are good or not they will just vote against it, which will draw back the progress of the nation because of partisan politics. We saw a clear example between the republican and the democrats during the term of Obama, when the republicans falsely opposed Obama's gun and immigration policies, they were doing that because they just wanted to oppose the democrats and not just because Obama's policies were wrong, but at the end its the poor who suffers.
The principle of total independence of the legislature suggest that the legislature must be elected to parliament as independent candidates and must not belong to any political party, one must resign as a member of parliament or a senator before he or she can take part in partisan politics, the legislature must be neutral, and must not support any political party, they must also not declare their political views in public. Their major responsibility is to check and balance the other two arms of government and that will make government very stronger than ever. With this true majority in parliament will be true majority and true minority will be true minority, policies implemented will be true policies, and all other false and corrupted political parties will be held accountable, this will give room for transparency and efficiency in government. It removes and destroys anarchy, monarchy, autocracy and aristocracy, which make government only an institution for wealthy people. With this the executive is separated from the legislature and the judiciary and one cannot control or interfere with the other. Their responsibility is based on the constitution and their duties and obligation are within it jurisdiction and any other altrances is an abuse of power and must be rectified by the legislature. The principle of total independence of the legislature is the backbone of the principle of separation of powers and checks and balances, thus it strengthens government and democracy.

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