The Problem With Sheeps Tales Poem by James Urwin

The Problem With Sheeps Tales

On The Farm there was an awful flutter,
as one night...the Chickens started to talk, and one even developed a stutter.

Awoken by this ever so strange noise,
the farmer gets up...and awakes his teenage boys.

To the sheds they all run,
the farmer clutching...his loaded shotgun.

'T-T-T take our Eggs,
and we will peck at your legs'

the Chicken shouts to the Farmers,
who are still dressed in there pyjamers.

Then theres a shout from the nearby Sti,
'Oi..Dont forget I.'

'I want some clothes...and a hat to,
this Sti is freezing, straw alone will not do.
We maybe are to you just Pigs,
but if you cant do hats, then at least let us wear wigs'

The Chickens and Pigs start to engage in chat,
the farmers stunned and amazed, have now all sat.

Then the sheep all come marching in,
one bravely comes forward, 'where do I begin'

The farmer shoots..thens reloads his gun,
the other sheep back away... some even run.

His youngest son crys.... 'Why did you shoot it between the eyes'

the father quickly replies...'All sheep, tell nasty lies'.

'Let all you talkative sheep, be a harsh warning.'

But unbeknown to the farmer.. the sheep were`nt just good at talking...they were also good at drawing.

So when the Vet came to do his next visit,
in his bag a drawing was put, and they hoped...he wouldnt miss it.

The Vet found the drawing..and in disgust... help he did not.
Informing the Farmer...that all the artistic Sheep... need to be shot.

So now the farm, is as quite as a mouse,
any animals that could talk, haveing been sent... to the slaughter house.

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