The Punch Poem by Nikhil Parekh

The Punch

When I punched a bag replete with mud; overflowing to the brim with bountiful
food grain,
There flew tones of dust in the still air; of which some it settled on my nose;
partially obscuring my vision.

When I punched an inflated balloon in its midriff; infinite molecules of gas escaped in fury,
There was an obstreperous sound produced; which almost ripped apart intricate
arenas of my eardrum.

When I punched the colossal sized melon with my fists; the shell broke open
into incommensurate halves,
A myriad of fleshy splinters flew everywhere in the air; and the slimy juice languidly cascaded down my immaculate face.

When I punched the solid baked brick; exerting tumultuous pressure against its navel,
Shards of disdainful concrete entered my crystalline eye; along with a series of fracture that enveloped my knuckle.

When I punched the heavyweight champion in the solar plexus; there was a myriad of fetid sweat droplets that stung me with alacrity,
His esteem got thoroughly provoked; and he pulverized me to dust displaying his overpowering brawn.

When I punched biscuits of pure gold; glittering impeccably in the enchanting
My fingers acquired faint tinges of yellow; and I profoundly regretted the wastage
that I had produced.

When I punched the venomous reptile that hung from the tree; trying to
frivolously fondle with its skin,
The monster bared its fangs in vindication; hissing vociferously and eventually inserting its deadly poison in my flesh.

When I punched the assembly of scintillating mirror; it diffused into a myriad
of minuscule fragments,
My reflection now appeared comically distorted; and droplets of crimson blood
oozed from my palms as an aftermath.

When I punched the power horn in the truck; applying unrelenting pressure from
my wrists,
There was a deafening noise that was produced; instantly overpowering the
natural ethos prevailing in atmosphere.

And finally when I punched my heart; using the full power of my hands,
There echoed only once voice; there seemed only one face; and there seemed
only one God; and all of them were my mesmerizing beloved.

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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