The Radical Right Poem by Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky

The Radical Right

I smoke and I drink because I am free
And so can my children to be like me,
I want them to follow in my every footstep
And in freedom they will never regret.
I always mock those who are different than I am
Because, I am a lion and they are the lamb,
And I'll tease and I'll ridicule whoever I want or can
Because, I am a free white man.
When they say that their race matters I will always protest
Because my race and belief they haven't addressed,
I want the world and my family to see that I'm not racist or dumb
That I am doing this because I am free and I have freedom.
I own and I will always carry a gun
Because I am free and I do it for fun,
And I will buy my child a gun someday soon as well
Because, without freedom we all are quail.
I believed in the insurrection of the U.S.A
And I hope that my children will too revolt one day,
I hope that they remember me fighting our government
Because my leader lost, is why to Washington I went.
I now think about the future when I am dead
As I have listened to what others have posted and said,
I am free you cannot tell me what I can say or do
And if you try, I am free to shoot and kill you.

I hope that when I die I can spend my eternity where there is no rules
And I hope also that there is no liberal or socialism fools,
I want to end up where I can say and do what I want without heed
Because, I always want to be carry a gun and be unfettered and freed.

Randy L. McClave

This poem was inspired By the many racists, bigots and white supremacy.

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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