The Real Monsters Poem by Randy Johnson

The Real Monsters

Frankenstein was only a monster because that's what people made him out to be.
He was actually a kind and gentle soul but that was what everybody refused to see.
Frankenstein only became violent when the angry villagers decided to attack.
They came at him with torches, axes and pitchforks and he had to fight back.
After he killed in self defense, the villagers burned him to death, it was a horrible fate.
People's prejudice made them attack and Frankenstein died because of fear and hate.
When the villagers killed him, it was a terrible incident.
They feared Frankenstein because he was different.
Those people let hate and fear blind them, they thought that killing him would put their minds at ease.
but they soon learned that they were the monsters because of prejudice which is a horrible disease.

The Real Monsters
Saturday, October 29, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: fiction,fear,halloween,hate,prejudice
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