The Realities Of The Day Poem by Benjamin Chiu Uy

The Realities Of The Day

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The Realities of the Day

Its as if the realities of the day,
A constant bombardments, displays of lights, sounds and the emoting high definitiontvs,
A gargling warbles of hiphop dances, narratives, howls, vampire or zombie prance and dances flooding into the movies themes and the cinemas,
To escape from the present reality of having less emotional ties less love and overcrowded impersonal society.
wanting more excitable forms oflife entertainments, marital infedilities and casual sex, in this present century.
Intersperses, meantime with eye catching headlines of sensational new photos of sensual nude screen actresses, scandalous gossips, new hookups or breakups of celebrities and the rich people.
Who made up the cream or top tiers of the local or international societies.
These stories, the sound bites on the airwaves, radios and the televisions made-up the notwholesome storries and images of the current world.
All kinds of noise pollutions, air qualities and suspended carbon particulates of air emmisions from neon blinking signboards and cars moving the city streets ruled the physical world.
Outright deplorable headline photos on the sidewalk tabloids,
the high definition footages of thehomicides, domestic squabbles, rapes and the brutal robbery and the dead victims.
Which seemed natural as men women neither shocked or dismayed continued their usual year of life.
Coupled these scene with the victims, summary executions of drug syndicates and police brutalities.
These images lingers, disturbs or sent a nonchalantbrushed off, response or fear and paranoia.
Sounds of over crowded polluted cities createvisual spectacles or distractions flood engages your day,
All your physical senses are working with the mental process to make sense of this unholy predicaments.
This life, this supposedly a journey, this overwhelming graphs for sanity or insanity and survival.
This planet earth, this home, this random city, a congregate part of the modern world,
This earth desinged to beyour home, habitat, maybe expandable beyond,
Life wish elsewhere, extended with the help of scientists,
prolonged into a long series deep space probes, cosmic adventure, mishaps and even tragedies.
Macabre, sensual, bizarre and mesmerizing,
another day,
Always a hope, a prayer and night soul searchings ofor our worth.
A hopeful thoughts for the better and the fear for the worsts,
The reactive responses of a conscious mind on this simultaneous outbreaks of nebulous chemical, narcotic and electrical stimuli, and impulseson the lobes of the brain.

Tragedies, wonders and the todays realities

Dr Antony Theodore 08 July 2018

Always a hope, a prayer and night soul searchings ofor our worth. A hopeful thoughts for the better and the fear for the worsts, a conscious mind...... thinking of life and its positive and negative sides....... thank u for this fine poem of real life. tony

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