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All that Remains of Me

All that remains of me
Will be nothing less of a man

The Voices From Mother Earth

The voice came from somewhere,
A tune from the sky,

My ancient great grandmother is the earth,
Who provided us sustenence, shelter space,
who had everything to give for her favorite sons and daughter,

Thesky puts emphasis on the definite times,
and things, that leads to this immeasurable joy the material things you crave to own with your tactile touch

or an ocean across,

The Lost Lovers

Still youcome,
Still you persists,

Mother's Given Events

I've lived all my life with her skins,
miles and miles of contemporary dermis wandering around, colored white or slightly brown,

A Brave Man

The dreams continues,
The vocies keep pleading, Be brave, be strong, stand for us,

The Wedding Call

the summer sun,
realignes a call with the coming of age,

Until the Seas run dry

Until such time when erosion comdems,
Return our bodies to the brown earth,

The Nominees

I am made from the nights of
colloborative tales and trysts,

In The House Of A Living God.

Like a gift from a living god,
A hand reaches out coins from the soul,

The Planet Earth

Here is my home, the planet earth,
Maybe the only bastion,

She Came Dancing

In the bangled rythms, shecame dancing
With the dancing bangles, she came with the rythmns.

The Night as a Mistress

The mistress comes, the time is here
Hand to a hand

Blind Reasons

Inside these rooms are disturbing music,
uneasy iights

The Collisions

It would be this indifference,
If we are not these living skins,

At The Heart Of The Ocean,

Before each blink
Another prominent surprise,

A Poem for Aling Patring who always knew it was God

you always knew it was God that created the world,

When The Time Comes,

When time when sea,
When the whole structure,

Old Foundations

When you come as parts,
You go with the sadness,

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All That Remains Of Me

All that Remains of Me

All that remains of me
Will be nothing less of a man

If you are nothing less of a woman
Who can cuddle me and let me sleep with my tightembrace,
Who hums softly and make the nights safe from its dark moors and landings.

Who turn to be this soft human pillow to be straddled to in the night till morning

All the prevalent memories of a complete home, sanctuary and a beautiful attractive world.

Maybe if the world would suffer on a major earthwake tommorow,
We would come unscaped among the wreakages

As if nature would not provoke these scenarious,
As ifi would rather die in your arms and ignore all the possibilities of an Armagedon,

And stay calm until the last breath of air escape my fatigue body.

Fragile in the unweavering gaze of your caring eyes.
Apalpable breathing body you can still touch and kiss and thank the Gods it was a just a bad dream

A preciousremainder of how sad it will be if there was not a You

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