The Reason I Love You Poem by Kuda Bondamakara

The Reason I Love You

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If it were only for the beauty;
Everyday they're born who are pretty.
Yet real beauty is not in the booty;
For, the Book says charm is not a duty.
So what's the reason I love you?

In this world full of imperfections;
Where evil has become like an infection;
And people suffer from self-contradiction;
I still find no faults with your complexion.
Yet that's not the reason I love you.

Admittedly, our liaison is not always floral
As time and again we do quarrel
And our voices, to one another, cease to be aural;
When we say to each other words that are, immoral.
And I see no reason I love you.

People try to rub things out but they cannot;
Past hurts are inscribed in their hearts like a knot.
But when I come home to you it all fizzles out to naught;
As I open my heart out to you and your warmth is much sought.
Yet it falls short of the reason I love you.

All these imperfections are a part of you;
Even, the weaknesses which are not few.
They all swell up like something new
And I see things that do not look true.
But I still love you like I never knew;
For I don't need a reason to love you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Chinedu Dike 25 December 2014

True love is not anchored on reason, it's a spiritual experience which cannot be explained no matter how much we try to rationalize the emotion. I like the articulation and insight of the poem. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.

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