Douglas Penick

The Red Garuda's Song Of Continuing - Poem by Douglas Penick

On this great wind of sorrow and longing
We rise up.
On this great wind of love and longing,
The all-seeing Red Garuda spontaneously takes form
And carries us aloft.

In the free radiance of space itself,
In the light of ceaseless love,
Our seeing takes shape.

Winds surveying mind and beyond mind;

Where the gold feather-tips
Of the Red Garuda's outstretched wing
Touch the crystal radiance of space,
The wind of truth expands all at once and in all directions.

Where the Red Garuda's hidden tympanum
Is touched by the cold pure air of emptiness,
The bliss of song enfolds the whole of space.

Where the Red Garuda's golden eye
Meets the fire of a rising sun,
The bright visions of the pure world of Shambhala arise
In the center of the human heart
And on the very face of this earth.

Where the Red Garuda's wild love
Draws near to the heart of all,
The unchanging mind of the Rigden fathers,
Clothed in all the richness of the world,
Emerges instantly from the gold and crystal palace of Kalapa

And appears now, free from time.

This is the love that cannot stop:
It is not conditioned according to its outcome.
It passes through the mirage of life and death.
It passes through world and time and concepts of reality.
It is radiant in whatever outer circumstance.
This is the love that is the heart and heartbeat of all human life.

In the free radiance of space itself,
In the light of ceaseless love,
Amid oceans and seas of galaxies,
The universe takes shape.

Now, dancing through worlds as they open, flower, rise and fall, Gesar, King of Ling, Lord of the Four Kinds of Warrior, moves towards us, moves away, dissolves, embraces us. He dances through the shimmering realms of non-existence; he is the guide.

Poet's Notes about The Poem


Universes open and collapse. Worlds live and die. Entering world after world, Gesar lives and dies. Entering and leaving thought after thought, he lives and dies.

As Gesar reaches the summit of the mountain pass that looks down over Ling, when at last after many months of hard travel he sees at last his home, Gesar sings:

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