Wild Child

The Red Rain - Poem by Wild Child

i think its time to end this world
i got no aim i got no goal,
a waste of space a waste of time
satisfied by any answer you find,
you say time is money and money is time
i say screw money and all your time,
im standing still as the world moves by
cant seem to figure out whats gettin them by,

i pray to God to end my world
i dont see reason, i cant endure
i pray He make it fast and quick
a blow to the neck, burst my carotid
watch my self as i feel no pain
a rush of euphoria amidst red rain

as a young boy he long ago had found the answer
he could die in battle, or die fighting cancer
so hes fast forwarding to his final destination
as hes forgotten, anothers born to do the chasing
chasing their fortunes, in a world made of illusions
a man with treasures, a vagrant without shoes
theyre both just as hungry, with everything to loose
father's failed his time in finding the answer
hes turned to God and his seed to get what hes after
too bad for him the sons wiser than most will ever be
for hes found the answer, as red rain is what he sees

As the boy blesses the world with his red rain
he holds his fathers hand tighter than ever
I'm sorry through me your illusions were never gained
youve lost me now, so replace me with another
hopefully he wont be as wise as me
skipping ahead to what is bound to be
you can easily find yourself another
cover the tiny space i held in you
you can replace me with my brother
hes conveniently blind to the truth
the boy shuts his eyes, at ease, its finally over
too long running in circles, the worlds rover
his knees were numb and his heart heavy
a quick slit, a broken neck, one of many
to bring red rain, end this venomous trip
now a world of nothing, everything is bliss

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 29, 2010

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