The Rejection Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Rejection

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I met him on a summer's day,
Lights sparkled in his eyes,
I felt that love had come my way,
I never once thought that he'd betray
My love, I had no thought of 'goodbyes'.

He turned my world so upside down,
He mesmerised me then,
He praised me on my choice of gown,
I felt as if he wore a crown,
For he towered above other men.

I thought that true love, I had found,
A love that was so sublime,
But I was wrong, he was not bound
To me, yet my heart can still resound
With sweet rung bells, that chime

How can one suddenly forget a face,
So dear, so deeply held
Within my being, in my minds embrace,
And have to feel such deep disgrace
At having been so availed.

No more shall I be soft of heart,
No more a swooning fool,
For no one will fire such a deadly dart
Into my soul, nor into any part
Of me again, how could he be so cruel.

I'll find someone to share my days,
Someone who's just a friend,
We'll feel for each other in many ways,
I'll give encouragement and also praise,
But never ever my heart, will I lend.

Tasha Miller 26 September 2005

Very nice Ernestine.

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