Ernestine Northover

Veteran Poet - 1,353 Points (25th March 1943)

Ernestine Northover Poems

1. Thank You Duncan Wyllie 5/22/2006
2. The Residue 9/7/2008
3. Powdered Kaolin 10/28/2008
4. A Selection Of Senryus - 9 And 2 Haikus 4/5/2009
5. Defiance 5/28/2010
6. Facets Of Diamonds 5/28/2010
7. Countless Waiting Gems 8/29/2010
8. Shallows, Crystal Clear 8/29/2010
9. In An Empty Box 1/27/2011
10. Mirror 2/2/2011
11. Notions Abound 5/7/2011
12. **a Touch Of Pride 2/17/2014
13. **no Regard 2/17/2014
14. **they Seem To Know Not What To Do 2/17/2014
15. **an Audible Sigh 2/17/2014
16. *** The Waiting Land 3/15/2014
17. * Strength Of Purpose 3/15/2014
18. ***some Dread 8/18/2014
19. * Not Her Choice 5/7/2015
20. ###oh, Feathered Friend 12/18/2016
21. ** The Fading Sky 3/15/2014
22. Dream Cloud 9 - By Kitty Cotton Aged 11. (My Great Niece) 11/5/2009
23. Tints, Tones And Shades 11/15/2008
24. * In A Girl's Head 1/24/2011
25. Great Philosophy 4/17/2007
26. Jubilee Row 2/19/2007
27. I'M Thinking 11/13/2007
28. Our Beautiful Home 11/25/2007
29. Transporting Minds 2/23/2009
30. Their Day's Begun 10/7/2008
31. One Bloom 10/28/2008
32. Sadly Earthbound 9/7/2008
33. Perfections Highway 8/13/2008
34. 'Come On Be Brave! ' (By My Great Niece Kitty Cotton 11 Yrs) 1/12/2010
35. Colour Of The Sun 4/5/2009
36. Unleashed Forces 3/25/2009
37. Sweetest Balm 3/2/2008
38. Great Bravado 4/6/2008
39. This Scene I Love 6/1/2008
40. Cheerio! 6/12/2008

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  • xxyyz (1/31/2018 3:49:00 AM)

    very lovely and deep meanings

  • neeta (1/31/2018 3:27:00 AM)

    very nice poem and very awesome

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    Awesome awesome awesome! ! ! !

  • Brenda McLachlin (11/15/2017 8:45:00 AM)

    Hello! I am interested in setting one of your poems to music. Is there a way I can contact you directly so that we can discuss the piece and whether or not I can have permission to use your poetry? My email is, if you're able to contact me that way.

  • Tirtho Banerjee (4/1/2016 6:07:00 AM)

    congrats, Ernestine. It's a masterpiece

  • Abderrahmane Dakir Abderrahmane Dakir (12/29/2015 3:34:00 AM)

    I like so much your poems. They are simple and so deep. Thank you for sharing this wonderful love.

  • Kundai Courtney Gomo Kundai Courtney Gomo (5/28/2015 8:50:00 AM)

    Your poetry is an inspiration to me as a growing poet, im just utterly stunned by you ability to stich simple words to make something wonderful. My favourite is 'Hold You In My Smile' its just short but it speaks volumes. Amazed.

  • Dr. Gerry Leonard (12/28/2013 12:35:00 PM)

    Concerning the poem about the empty box: I was captivated by its meaning. I am writting a book entitled, Looking Into the Windows of the Soul - Kitty's words are so meaningful in that it is Psychology in a Box. Through the eyes of one who beholds what is real and holds what will last; carries the thought that any imagination that is fulfilled with love beyond measure will always adventure to worlds where wounds of turmoil will always heal. Kitty has a marvelous heart that keeps her mind anchored to her soul. I trust that she will continue to write as her compassion reaches out to the mind, heart and soul of others. I would also like to use her poem in my book. The empty box nails the thought of what I am writing about in the fifth chapter.

Best Poem of Ernestine Northover

Hold You In My Smile

Sweet moment, stay with me,
and pray do not flee so soon,
Let me enjoy the bliss of that
first kiss beneath the moon.
I wish to cradle this feeling,
that has only just been found,
A feeling that has unexpectedly
turned my world around.
Do not depart, Oh please remain
within my heart awhile,
So that I can savour you once more,
and hold you in my smile.

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High Flyer

They were 'Proctors' and 'Jackaroos' in those days.
Single wing aeroplanes,
two and four seaters,
either open engines, or open under your seat.

Exciting for a seventeen year old.

I went up with the commercial pilots,
logging up their flying hours.

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