The Reminders Poem by Katherine Perry

The Reminders

Rating: 4.8

Like a long and forgotten song
You hope never to hear again
While life slowly moves on
Then it plays, and your heart you defend

A song that reminds you of the good times
And a song that reminds you of the bad
Then true love is reminded, but only finds
The good times that somehow turned sad

A familiar face you see near by
A friend that reminds you of the past
But instead of hello, you turn your head and sigh
Only to remember it didn't last

Love beginning with kisses and passion
And a soulmate you once believed
Now you and yourself try and ration
What to do with a heart that still bleeds

Long conversations on the phone
That slowly went down to minutes
Time spent together went to time spent alone
Then your heart knew it would soon be finished

Places you have gone together
Are places you'll never go again
And the love you thought was forever
Seems to be taking a long time to mend

Sometimes the smallest of things can bring tears
And the largest of things matters no more
But still a reminder of what you onced feared
Which was rejection and a loud slam of a door

Now hoping that sleep will help you move on
Your dreams won't let yoiu forget
For closing your eyes, just makes your heartbeat more
Making it impossible for any regrets

Why do reminders bring forth pain
Why does the bad rise to the top
Where did love go that was first gained
Leaving you to wonder why you both stopped

And most of all the things wanted, but never was
Are left with reminders of doubt
And you realize now, sometimes all love does
Is reel you in, just to cast you back out! ! !

Mohammad Skati 18 October 2014

True feelings and great emotions. Thanks.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 18 October 2014

The thing we try to forget, haunts now and then like wiggling creature that we abhor, fantastic write..thank for share

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