The Cart Poem by Katherine Perry

The Cart

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Please listen
Listen to my heart
The words just can't explain
These hidden stories in my cart

I walk, i run, i hide from the dark
For it takes my hope
And my dreams from this cart

Yesterday, i saw your face
Today, i saw it again
And i wonder where you go
Do you wonder where i am?

You have your memories
I have mine too
There with me everywhere i go
Do yours follow you?

You have a home
And it shelters you from me
But still i am here
Beneath this bridge you see

I look up and see the sky
And at night i see the stars
I see them twinkle twinkle way up high
Do you not see the same twinkling near and far?

My meals do not come easy everyday
As for water, we share the same
And together we try to survive this way
Counting down the same days that remain

You have your treasures stored in your home
That is where they remain closest to your heart
As for my treasures, they go with me wherever i rome
Still to remain here in my shopping cart

Is it not true that we shall all be judged on judgment day
And to God are we not all the same
And what will you say when you are down on your knees in front
of him
And he is calling out your name?

So please listen
Listen to my heart
The words just can't explain
These hidden stories in my cart.

Friday, October 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
i was inspired to write this poem from a homeless person i stopped and gave a few minutes of my time to listen to. she wasn't asking for money, just a listening ear. i have gained a little wisdom from that conversation. i'll never forget her!
Khairul Ahsan 16 October 2014

A good poem, thanks for the notes.

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Don Nguyen 10 October 2014

God has been merciful in dealing with us. I am sure He will be merciful when we see Him face to face. For me I try to be governed daily by love, being compassionate to the needy, the same feeling and heart-frame you have now yourself demonstrate. Thank you for sharing a touching poem. I am walking at 7 am sharp.

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