The Resilient Heart Poem by Frederick Amazing

The Resilient Heart

The Resilient Heart

In the face of life's hardships and pain,
The heart may crack and break in twain.
But the heart is a resilient thing,
Able to mend and to take wing.

It beats on, steadfast and strong,
Even when everything seems wrong.
It knows how to bounce back and heal,
To find hope and again feel.

For within the heart lies courage and love,
A strength that comes from the One above.
Resilience is its middle name,
Surviving each challenge, it's its claim to fame.

So when life knocks us to our knees,
We can trust that our heart will seize,
And with each beat, we'll find the way,
To rise and face another day.

For the resilient heart is a gift,
A reminder of the love that can lift,
And in its beating, we find the grace,
To overcome any struggle we might face.

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