The Spartan Soldier Poem by Frederick Amazing

The Spartan Soldier

In ancient Greece, a legend stands
Of warriors fierce and stoic bands
The Spartans, known for strength and might
In battle, they would always fight.

Their soldiers trained from early on
To be the best, and never gone
In body, mind, and spirit too
They learned to fight and conquer, true.

With shields and spears, their army charged
And enemies were soon dislodged
No foe too great or battle lost
No matter what the human cost.

But Spartans knew their fate is sealed
And in their hearts, a truth revealed
That glory, honor, all that's dear
Was worth the pain, the blood, the tear.

So let us honor Spartan's might
And learn from them with all our might
To fight, to win, to never yield
And be like them, a battle-field.

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