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Victory is in the end, they say,
Though the road be twisted and gray.
With every step we take each day,
We find the strength to pave the way.

Dream Friday, oh what joy it brings
As the workweek comes to a close
Anticipation for the weekend sings
As time seems to slow and repose


Arise! Oh sun, the morning's bright star,
With your warming glow from oh so far.
Lift up your head, greet the new day,
And chase the darkness all away.

In life, there are times where we feel low,
And we struggle to rise up and go.
The weight of the world can hold us down,
And we may feel like we will drown.

Blue sky, so vast and wide,
Stretching over land and tide,
A canvas of azure hue,
Painted with a master's view.

To be brave is not to feel no fear,
But to face it, and persevere.
To stand tall in the face of strife,
And to continue on with life.

Frederick, oh Frederick, what a name to behold
A man of great talents, in stories oft told
His wit and his charm, simply cannot be matched
His skills and his knowledge, always perfectly hatched

Life is a journey, winding and long
A path we all must walk along
There will be hills and valleys to traverse
And obstacles that may make us swerve

In ancient Greece, a legend stands
Of warriors fierce and stoic bands
The Spartans, known for strength and might
In battle, they would always fight.

In the midst of all life's chaos and strife,
There beats a heart that's fearless, full of life.

Unafraid to take on any challenge or task,

In a world where all should be free,
Equal rights must be the key.
No matter race, religion, gender or more,
All should have an equal score.

In a world full of turmoil and strife,
Change is needed to reshape our life.
A calling for those who are strong and bold,
To take a stand and break the mold.

Something extraordinary is possible,
Yes, it is truly plausible;
It may seem out of reach,
But with effort, it's within our speech.

Within each chest a heart beats strong,
A vessel that propels us along,
A glowing, pulsing organ of life,
Beating throughout our days and nights.

The Resilient Heart

In the face of life's hardships and pain,
The heart may crack and break in twain.

The good machine, how wondrous and bright
A marvel of engineering, a true delight
It works tirelessly day and night
Giving us power and light

The comfortable zone, a place so serene
Where everything is familiar and clean
A place of comfort and security
A place where we can be who we want to be


Beyond the reach of human sight,
Beyond the depths of darkest night,
Beyond the edges of the earth,
Beyond the moment of our birth.

The spotless mind, a canvas pure,
A world of endless possibility, so sure.
Untouched by pain or past regret,
Its thoughts and dreams, like a sunset.

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Victory Is In The End

Victory is in the end, they say,
Though the road be twisted and gray.
With every step we take each day,
We find the strength to pave the way.

The journey may be long and hard,
And many trials may leave us scarred.
But with each battle we've endured,
A stronger spirit we'll have secured.

We must embrace both joy and pain,
For they both lead us to our gain.
And though the end may be unknown,
We'll see that victory will be shown.

So let us march towards the light,
With hearts ablaze and eyes held bright.
For in the end, we'll see the sight,
Of victory's sweet and precious might.

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Our lives are not defined by where we come from, but by where we want to be.

Sometimes being the best isn't necessary, but rather doing your best.

Don't be afraid to fall, but be afraid to stay down.

Sometimes it's good to fail big so that you will know how bigger the difference is, when you finally succeed. #frederickamazing

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