The Journey Of Life Poem by Frederick Amazing

The Journey Of Life

Life is a journey, winding and long
A path we all must walk along
There will be hills and valleys to traverse
And obstacles that may make us swerve

At times the road will be smooth and clear
Filled with joy and love and cheer
Other times it may be bumpy and rough
But we must push forward, we must be tough

Every step we take, we grow and learn
We face our fears and bridges we burn
Each experience shapes us into who we are
A symphony playing a unique star

We make mistakes along the way
And sometimes fall and lose our way
But it's these moments that teach us the most
And help us bloom like a beautiful rose

So cherish every moment, every day
For life is precious, don't waste it away
Embrace the journey, wherever it may go
And let your heart and soul forever glow.

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