Frederick Amazing Poems

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The Journey Of Life

Life is a journey, winding and long
A path we all must walk along
There will be hills and valleys to traverse
And obstacles that may make us swerve

Blue Sky

Blue sky, so vast and wide,
Stretching over land and tide,
A canvas of azure hue,
Painted with a master's view.

The Resilient Heart

The Resilient Heart

In the face of life's hardships and pain,
The heart may crack and break in twain.

The Good Machine

The good machine, how wondrous and bright
A marvel of engineering, a true delight
It works tirelessly day and night
Giving us power and light

The Comfortable Zone

The comfortable zone, a place so serene
Where everything is familiar and clean
A place of comfort and security
A place where we can be who we want to be


Beyond the reach of human sight,
Beyond the depths of darkest night,
Beyond the edges of the earth,
Beyond the moment of our birth.

The Spotless Mind

The spotless mind, a canvas pure,
A world of endless possibility, so sure.
Untouched by pain or past regret,
Its thoughts and dreams, like a sunset.

The Cat And The Mouse

In a realm of houses, where cats and mice play,
A tale unfolds, a story to convey.
The cat, a symbol of order and law,
Keeps the home safe, ensuring no flaw.

Emotional Trauma

In a world of shifting tides and hearts unkind,
I stand with care, my soul, open and blind.
I give my all, my love, a gentle art,
Yet find myself shattered, torn apart.

Lost In The Whirlwind

Back in the days, when time flowed slow,
Reflection and introspection, a path we'd often sow.
But now, in this fast-paced race we've become,

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