The Rockstar's Franchise The Rockstar And The Beautiful Girl Part 1 Poem by MD Ehteshaam Amman

The Rockstar's Franchise The Rockstar And The Beautiful Girl Part 1

26th Jan 2023

To the one because of whom I can't fall in love again,

I don't know why am I writing to you. I am not sure whether it'll reach you. Even if it reaches, will you be able to read it? Writing letter to you after all these years seems weird too. Anyways consider it the last letter from my side.

Remember the time when we were madly in love, I was a teenager, who believed in bollywood romance and whose heart skipped a beat when you came in front of my sight. I was someone who had butterflies in her stomach everytime you held my hand or took my name.

Now I am 23 and guess what forget bollywood romance, I don't even believe in romance anymore. You went like a storm and shattered my beliefs. Forget loving someone, I can't even trust anyone. In case someone acts nice to me, I overreact thinking 'with what intention is the person talking to me? ' Because that's what you taught me, 'Love comes at a cost' The more I am growing up, the more I realised that it's better to get over of someone rather than giving love another chance and to leave before before someone gets any power to break my heart ever again.

You left but you took that hopeless romantic with you. You ruined my beliefs and now I am just scared of people and their feelings.

Someone who is scared of love.


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