Ciara Owens

Rookie (May 14th 1990 / Honolulu Hawaii)

The Rose ((Hopefully Soon To Be A Novel) Still Working On It) - Poem by Ciara Owens

“NO! Charles, you mustn‘t! ” she pleads, running down the hallway towards her husband, as he stands on the edge of oblivion.
“I don’t even know who you are anymore, or rather, WHAT you are.” He says coldly to his wife; Grace, as he ties the knot around his throat.
“There‘s no way I could ever love something like you! I can‘t believe I‘ve gone all these years with you, having no clue as to what you are. You‘re disgusting! ” As Grace runs towards him, he steps off the edge of the stair rail, snapping his neck. He was dead in an instant.

Outside Grace hears the roar of the mob, and the flicker of the torches, coming for her. Pounding on the door, screaming and yelling:
”Come out here Grace, we know what you are.”

She runs down to the basement, checking to see if her children Jeremiah and Bethany have come back from the old McCulloch’s place. She couldn‘t seem to find them, but she locks the door, so in case they come back they‘d, be forced to go someplace else and hide.
She heard the mob as they busted down the door, and ran upstairs quickly before they bothered to look up.
“Grace, where are you? We know you‘re hear, show yourself! ”
“Sarah, sorry I was in the basement, what’s wrong? ” She plays coolly as if she had no idea of what was wrong.
“We know what you‘ve been up to Grace, the whole town does, Uhm… where‘s Charles? ”
“Yea, well you see, he went out with the ki-”
“OH MY LORD! Grace, you‘ve murdered him! I knew it! They were all right! I didn‘t want to believe them until…now I see, you really are a witch! ”
“No! Sarah that’s not what hap-” Muffling the sounds of her screams, and knocking her out with one quick blow to the head, with a burnt out torch.

Waking up to the sounds of screeching, and the scent of burning hair and blood, she opens her eyes to see what’s going on, but she’s blinded by the smoke of the fire. The only sounds she’s able to make out are: “Witch! You bewitched your husband to kill himself so you could have the manor to yourself! ” She gathers as much energy that she has to leave the crowd with this:

“Note this: All you who so wrongly accuse me of bewitching and killing my husband, I vow to come back and consume this town in all my hatred! I WILL BE BACK I SWEAR IT! ! ” And with that she fades into the fire, as if her spirit were released from within the flames. What became of her children is still a mystery, at least for now.

The Collin’s manor had mostly been forgotten since then. No one really knows what happened to the Collin’s kids. Some say when they came home that evening, Sarah saw them, and they ended up being accused of witchcraft as well, due mostly to the fact that they were out later than most children. Others say that Bethany got away, and ended up marrying a rich older man who lived in Boston. As for Jeremiah, well most think that he never left the house, and he had gotten locked up in the basement and died of starvation. As for the old house, about a couple centuries later, an elderly couple moved into the manor with their kids, and tried to fix it up but ended up leaving about a month after living there. Most say the place is haunted, but those who aren’t superstitious don’t seem to care too much.

Eventually the house is abandoned, and is left for the bugs and whatever else may be living in that house. However, on a cool October afternoon, a young man; Vince, stumbles upon the ruins of the old manor, it’s mostly in good shaped except for a few windows and the wooden floors. He decides to fix up the old manor and turn it into a “museum” type house, showing off the old fashioned rooms and how everything worked back in the late 1700’s. After the house being open for almost twenty years, more and more people had been coming to see the old house.


The children were outside playing, well most of them anyways. Claire was sitting off by herself again. She was unlike most of the other children at St. Peter’s. For starters she has jet black hair and bright green eyes; she was very pale, almost sickly looking, and probably the skinniest 15 year old you would ever meet. She mostly kept to herself; excluding her friends Kelsy, Zane, and Ayden, due mostly to the fact that she spent most of her time, talking to the dead. See Claire is clairvoyant, she can’t see the future, or read minds, but she finds a way to re-connect with the dead. See, Claire can not only talk to them, she can see them, smell them, and even touch them. She seems to get a lot of practice in it as well, probably because St. Peter’s was built on top of an old hospital. However, doctors have no idea that she is capable of these things, so they’ve misdiagnosed her with schizophrenia.

Kelsy Blackwüd; her best friend, is 14, she’s very short, with long dark auburn hair, and her eyes are the colour of an evergreen. She is said to have many of the same characteristics that Claire has. She’s been bordering between Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She doesn’t always hear things, she mostly sees it. She isn’t clairvoyant; she’s just plain old flat out crazy.

Zane; Claire’s other friend, he’s 15, about average height, with shoulder length dark brown hair, and eyes so dark they’re nearly black. He’s mostly distant from everyone, except Ayden, probably because they seem to relate better, mostly through their love of gore and death and killing. Zane has OCD, apparently with death. He plans on becoming either a surgeon or a mortician.

As for Ayden, he’s 17, and probably the most talkative out of the whole group, typically talking about how badly he wants to kill his doctor, Ms. McManus. He’s about 5’7”, greenish-purple eyes, hair jet black, a little longer than shoulder length, and curly as all get out. He has a feint sense of clairvoyancy, but he doesn’t know what it is, or how to control it.
All four of them have been stuck at St. Peter’s for at least a year, there are a few patients who come and go, and are usually there for about two weeks. For the most part they get stuck with druggies, alcoholics, or suicidal kids.

It was during a history lesson when their professor; Mr. Duncan, announced they would be going on a field trip.

“Now you guys, we‘ll only be gone for a few hours at the most, so leave all your things in your rooms, and don’t try to sneak anything out.”
“Didn‘t she mention earlier something about the witchcraft trials? ” Kelsy asked Zane.

“I think so but then again I don‘t really pay much attention to her”
“Not that he ever would anyways” Ayden said sarcastically.
“Kels, do you think where we‘re going has something to do with that? ” Claire asked.

“I don‘t know, I hope so, wouldn‘t that be so much fun! It’s like WHOOOOOO Spooky house! ”

Zane and Ayden just looked at her.
“Don‘t give me that look! Besides it’s not as if you guys aren‘t interested, I know you are Zane. You‘ve always been obsessed with that kind of stuff”
“HAVE NOT! ” he yelled defensively
“Oh please, like I haven‘t caught you like a bazillion times on the computer looking at those ghostie, witch crafty things on the net. don’t even play dumb.”
“Uh, hello? He‘s not playing! ” said Ayden
“Oh snap! That was just messed! ” Kelsy said shaking her head at him.
“Come on you guys, hurry up while it‘s still morning! ”
The group followed along behind Professor Duncan.
“Hey, Professor, are you bringing Emily with us? ” Claire asked.
“Yeah, I thought it would be a good experience fore her”
“But she‘s like, four, I doubt she‘ll remember any of this when it really Matters.”
Professor just looks at her and roll her eyes.
“ Not like it‘ll ever matter anyways.” Ayden says sarcastically


It was a cold foggy morning, typical of Jefferson county, around late fall. The six of them rode carelessly on their way to what may become the lat day they’ll ever see. But let’s not ruin the mood, shall we? Claire and Kelsy sat in awe of the outside world, neither of them had really seen the sun in a long time, almost forgetting the feel of the warm sun on their skin.

They pull into the back entrance to the manor, the shortest way there from St. Peter’s. Claire looks up in amazement of the
huge house, it’s tall white columns etched with grape vines that reached up to the ceiling. Most of the house was covered with ferns and swamp vines excluding the bits of red brick that shown through, like cherries amongst all the green. The double glass doors so beautifully decorated with feint images of angels. The only clue as to what they are is the large wings that glimmered in the sunlight.

Everyone else but Claire had already gone inside. She managed to drift away from the group, and off into the greenhouse that seemed to be overrun with violets and roses and passion fruit flowers.
“I wonder what this place was like back before they turned it into some stupid museum, when people actually lived here.” she whispered to herself. As her fingers ran over the wooden table, as the dust covered her pale hands. She walked over to the rose bushes, that were still; amazingly, vivid with colour and life.

Meanwhile; back inside the manor, the others waited for Claire to show up.
“Kelsy, what happened to Claire? ” Professor asked.
“I don’t remember, last I saw of her she was heading off towards the greenhouse.”
“Well, would you mind going and fetching her? We‘re not supposed to be here any longer than a few hours.”
“sure, be back in a bit, don‘t leave! ” she said as she ran off to find Claire.


“Claire, where are you? CLAIRE! ” Kelsy cried. Claire was off in her own world, trying to imagine the people who lived here before.
“Claire, answer me1”
Quietly she creeps up behind Kelsy,
“What? ” she whispers. Kelsy jumps and lets out a scream
“Oh God, you scared me. I didn‘t see you th…. Where were you anyways”
“Oh, . Just wondering around by the greenhouse, you should see it, it‘s so pretty.”
“That‘s great Claire, now come on, we have to go, and besides this place scares me.” Kelsy said as she pulled Claire along with her, back to the house.
“Where are they anyways? ” Claire asked once the got inside.
“I don‘t know, I told them not to leave but… uh.. Lets go look for them, they couldn‘t have gotten far, we were only gone for like 2 minutes.”

They wandered around the manor for a while. Growing tired, Claire sat down in a chair by an open bedroom.
“I‘m so sick of walking, where are they? ! ” she said.”
“I know what you mean, this is so frustrating! ” they sat there for a while. A cold breeze blew by them, blowing Claire’s hair across her face, her eyes caught a flash of light coming from the bedroom.
“Hey, what was that? ” She asked Kelsy
“Probably some stupid people taking pictures of the room.”
“Zane? Ayden? …Professor? Are you guys there? ”

Claire turned into the bedroom and started looking around for the source of that light.
“Claire, What are you doing? ” Kelsy asked
“Sh! ”
“Don‘t tell me to Sh! ” Kelsy yelled back at her. Claire quickly turned around and looked at Kelsy.
“Be quiet! I think I hear something, and I can‘t listen very well for it, if you‘re yelling, now Sh! ” She snapped back at Kelsy.
Claire walked slowly toward the wardrobe, and then to the bed. Then she went back to the wardrobe and pressed her ear against it.
“I think it‘s coming from in here, it kind of sounds like breathing.” Kelsy ran over to Claire and stopped behind her to see what was inside. Claire grabbed the knob on the door and was about to open it when they both heard a scream. Kelsy ran to the door to see what it was, and Claire walked up silently behind her.
“What was that? ” she asked Kelsy as she jumped.
“You‘ve got to stop doing that to me”
“My bad, but what’s going on? ”
“I‘m not sure, there‘s someone running down the hall, it kind of looks like…a younger version of ……Zane? ! ”
“Help! Help me! She‘s going to kill me! ” the boy cried. Claire pulled Kelsy back inside the room
“Hurry! ” Claire yelled to him. He looked back to make sure she wasn’t close behind him, then he turned quickly into the room and nearly trampled over Claire and Kelsy.
“Lock it! Fast! ” the boy yelled out.
“Who are you, and what are you…or rather who are you running from? ” Kelsy asked.
“Oh I‘m Jeremiah, and; well, you needn‘t worry about who I‘m hiding from”
“What‘s with the clothes? ”
“Nothing, they‘re a bit dirty I know but… WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? women aren’t supposed to wear pants.”
Claire looked at him amused,
“What do you mean? ” she questioned him as he turned his head quickly toward the door and jumped up.
“Never mind about that, we need to get out of here, and fast! ” Jeremiah said pulling them away from the door.
“But how? There‘s no other way out this room other than the door”
“Just follow me, I know this house like the back of my hand”

The girls followed quietly behind them.
“Come on! This way! ” He whispered loudly behind him.
“Yuck! It‘s so dirty and wet down here, what is this place? ” Kelsy asked him.
“It‘s an old tunnel I dug when I was 8, from that room it leads to the main dinning area, and to a cage in the basement. If you go right, it takes you to the basement, left goes the other way.” He said making a turn to the right. Kelsy screamed and looked down to noticed she put her hand on a dead rat. She stopped and tugged at Claire’s pant legs, she turned.
“What Kels? ”
Kelsy said nothing but gestured downward, Claire looked and jumped a little, then reached for Kelsy to keep moving. They turned to the right and looked down the tunnel, Kelsy noticed that Jeremiah had vanished.
“Jeremi-” she attempted to call for him but was muffled by Claire’s dirty hand.
“-SH! Kelsy we have to be quiet, who knows who was after the boy, ok? ” Kelsy nodded quietly.
“Ew! That was so nasty, next time wash your hands, I think I swallowed some mud” Kelsy whispered to Claire as she pulled her hand from her face.
“Kelsy, didn‘t he say left goes to the dining area? ”
“Yea I think so.”
“Well, come on! Lets go.”

They continued going through the tunnel, but both of them were wondering the same thing: that boy, where did he come from, who was after him, and how did he just vanish?
“Claire? ”
“Yeah Kels? ”
“What was up with that kid? ”
“I don‘t know, but I hope he‘s ok.”
“Yea I guess so, but, I don‘t know, he seemed a little…weird. Don‘t you think? ”
“Kind of, but hey he‘s only, what,10? Isn‘t that kind of expected of little kids? ”
“Well yeah, I guess so but…”
“But what Kels? ”
“I don‘t know, I just got this odd feeling about him, he doesn‘t seem…right”
“I know Kels, but don‘t worry about it. I just hope he‘s ok. That was so weird he just up and vanished into thin air.”


Meanwhile, the boys and Emily had gotten lost between the stairs and the dining area.
“Daddy, where‘s Claire and Kelsy? ”
“I‘m not sure sweatheart, but they best hurry up or we‘ll have to leave with out them.”
Ayden and Zane stopped in their tracks and turned around to look at the professor.
“We aren‘t really going to leave them here, are we professor”
“no, boys I was just kidding.”
“Good, because Claire would be pretty mad if we left her, huh Ayden? ”
“Man, whats your problem zane? why can‘t you just leave things alone? ”
“alright calm down boys, lets go in the dining room and wait for them, besides I‘m starting to get hungry, what about you guys? ”
“wait…food? Like real, normal food? Not that hospital plastic they‘ve been feeding us? ! ! ”

Ayden sat there fantasizing about a big thanksgiving type meal. the meat glimmering with honey in the lights. The smell of candied yams and cranberries. He could even begin to see the steam rising off the freshly cooked meal.
“Dude I can‘t wait! C‘mon Zane lets go! ”
“Dude I swear, one of these days you‘re going to get fat over all that food you eat.”
“Probably but that shouldn‘t happen til I‘m 40 so for now I‘m good.”

Emily was squirming in her daddy’s arms
“what wrong emi? Are you hungry too? ” she nodded and smiled innocently as he set her down. She started to run towards the table, but then her shoe caught on the carpet and she would’ve fallen if it weren’t for Zane’s amazingly quick reflexes.
“Here ya go, sit here and I‘ll get you something, ok? ” she looked at him and shook her head then said
“no. I can do it myself, see? I‘m a big girl! ” she said smiling.
“that’s right you are a big girl! ” Ayden said sweetly. Before any of the three of them could even hear anything, Emily had already crawled to the floor.
“Emi, what are you doing down there? ” professor Duncan asked.
“They‘re coming daddy, I can hear them talking. They‘re trying to get the door opened, but… Oops! ” she said clasping both hands to her mouth as she moved to the left. There was a knocking sound, and everyone looked down to where Emily was standing. Ayden went over and lifted up the carpet, to find a basement enterance type door there.
“I told you they were coming! ” Emi said jumping up and down in excitement.
“Claire! , Kelsy! Where have you been? We sent Kelsy off to go look for you and then it was like hours later so we decided to go look around.”
“What? No I was only gone for like, not even five minutes, and I told you guys not to leave and then we get back and you‘re all disappearing on us. NOT COOL GUYS! Not cool! ” Kelsy rebuttled.
“why are you guys so dirty? ” Zane asked
“Dude, seriously, don‘t even go there.” Claire replied.
“Oh! But Claire that reminds me.. Hey guys? Have you seen some little boy walking around here, in a white-ish shirt and brown overalls? ”
“Brown? Overalls? What century is this kid from anywho? ”
“Nevermind, Kels, don‘t worry about it, we‘ll find him. Assuming he‘s alright.”
“Claire, you‘re really not helping with all this ‘assuming’ crap”
“sorry Kels, but you heard what he said, something probably happened to him, that the only thing I can figure.”
“Wait Claire? ’
“Yeah Ayden? ”
“What did this kid say anyways? ”
“well basically, someone is chasing him, trying to kill him and his name is Jeremiah and I think he‘s like 10 or something.”
“What? that’s so random”
“yea, it was pretty random too when he was screaming for his life and noone cared to do anything about it”
“Screaming? I didn‘t hear any screaming. Are you sure? ”
“Yea! It was right down that hall over there” she says as she points off to the left of them.
“Wait! Are you guys playing some sort of sick joke on us? ”
“Dude Zane, are you stupid or something? No! why would we play a joke like this on you? I mean seriously! ”
“Chill Kels, it was just a question, see because that’s where we were pretty much this whole time.”
“Then you would‘ve seen him! ”
“But we didn‘t! ”
“Dude, Zane? Kels? ”
“yea Ayden? ” both of them replied
“Can we just go? This place is starting to creep me out a little, besided isn‘t it time to go anyway professor? ”
“as a matter of fact Ayden, I do believe it is, come on you guys, we’ll get back to St. Peter‘s and have some hot chocolate or something to settle our nerves, ok? ”
“sounds like a good idea professor” Ayden replied.

They all followed professor Duncan towards the door, Claire was carrying Emily on her side. She whispered into Claire’s ear:
“It wont open. We have to save them.” Claire looked at her stupefied.
“What do you mean Emi? ”
“you‘ll see. We have to save them! ”
They turned to the right, down to the hallway entrance but where there once stood a door, there is now a painting of an old graveyard.
“Professor, I thought this was the way out? ”
“I thought it was too Kels.”
Claire looked back at Emi and she just smiled as if she didn’t have a care in the world.
“Hey professor? Where are the guards and the tour guide people? ” Kelsy asked him.
“you know I was wondering the same thing a few hours ago, I guess we’ll have to find our own way out”
“Daddy! Daddy! ” Emi screamed.
“What Emi? ” he questioned as he walked over to make sure she was ok.
“We have to save them daddy! We have to! ”
“save who? Sweetie, we’ll worry about your game as soon as we get out of here ok? ”
Unfortunately the only one who knows how to get our is a four year old, and we all know that most people don’t take four year olds seriously.


“Kelsy and Claire, you two go look for some unlocked windows or something in the back hallway; ” Professor Duncan pointed off towards the stairs, “We‘ll go look upstaris for a key or window and some bed sheets. Everyone meet back here in an hour, alright? Ok, ready? Go! ”

The girls walked off quickly towards the back hallway.
“Claire, this place is freaking me out? I mean I could‘ve swore there was a door back there. It‘s like we walk in and POOF! The door is gone” Claire looked at Kelsy as she replied.
“yeah I know what you mean. First that Jeremiah kid disappears and now the freaking door? ! ! What next is someone going to die? ! ”
“Claire! Don‘t say stuff like that! ” Kelsy yelled back at her.
“What? It‘s not like it‘s going to actually happen! That would just be wrong on so many levels.”

The two of them walked back towards the kitchen but before the crossed the threshold, they heard a banging noise underneath them. Kelsy fell quick to the floor and started yelling.
“Who is that? Who‘s down there? ” there was no response, then Claire got down and started yelling as well.
“Hello? Is someone down there? Where are you? ” again silence. They banged back on the floor, and ther person on the other side banged back.
“ Where are you? If you tell us we‘ll come fi-”Claire began yelling before she was interrupted.
“Ahem! What are you two up to? ” The girls turned around and looked up to an older woman, in a faded blue dress and a white apron with a feather duster in one hand. She had her dark blonde hair pulled back tight into a bun and one rather large wart on her left cheek.
“Um, we heard the pounding on the floor and, we think someone got stuck down there.” Kelsy said innocently.
“Well you‘ve got nothing to worry about, he‘s being punished for stealing the master’s pocket watch.” she said in her thick irish accent.
“Wait, people still live here, I thought they turned it into a museum. See that’s why we‘re here, on a field trip, but we got turned around and we can‘t find the door to get out” Claire told her.
“Why that crazy talk, the door is right over there” she said as she pointed toward the graveyard painting.
“But that‘s a painting, not a door. Is there any other way out? ” she told the maid.
“Mary, who is that down there? ”
“Oh no you tow best get goin‘ before the lady sees you two, now run along.” Mary said as she pushed them off toward the painting.
“Who was that you were talking to Mary? ” Lady collins asked her.
“No one m‘dam, it must‘ve just been a figment of my immagination, or my eyes playin’ tricks on me”
“well I need you to get Jeremiah his dinner and take it down to him. If we don‘t feed him at least every other day he‘ll get sick and die.”
“Yes m‘dam.”
“Well of with you” she urged. “Now, I could‘ve sworn there was someone in here, I know I heard yelling, and it didn‘t sound like Jeremiah.” Lady collins said to herself as she walked over by the front room. She peeked in to see if anyone was hiding in there.
“That is so odd, if her eyes are playing tricks on her, then my ears must be playing tricks on me.” she said as she faded away on her way up the stairs.

Kelsy and Claire, were in the front room trying to find an exit of some sort, but all the windows where locked.
“You know Kels, this house was made back in the 1700‘s right? ”
“ I don‘t know, why? ”
“Well if it was, than these walls shouldn‘t be more than an inch thick.”
“And? Where are you going with this? ” Kelsy asked her.
“Well if we can find something heavy enough, and if we swing hard enough, we should be able to break through the wall, that is if my theory is correct.”
“Wait, but what if we hit the wrong part of the wall and it causes the whole house to collapse? ”
“Well, then at least we‘re out of the house.”
“I don‘t know Claire, maybe we should wait until we find the professor again, and then ask him.”
“ok, then at least we might have found a less destructive way to get out. Trust me, we WILL get out.” Claire reassured her as they walked passed the staircase.
“I wonder what‘s back here” Kelsy said pointing toa dark room. Claire was looking the other way to another room, but it was very bright.
“I don‘t know, we should go look.” Claire said as Kelsy went towards the dark room, and she went toward the bright room.
“It’s awful bright in here” “It’s awful dark in here” they both said simultaneously walking even further into the room. A dark figure appeared in the middle of Claire’s room, and a bright figure in Kelsy’s room.
“AH! ” they both screamed as they turned around.
“Claire where are you? ” “Kelsy where are you? ” again they said simultaneously.
“Claire, I can‘t see you its too dark in here! ” Kelsy screamed as the bright figure approached her.
“Kelsy, what do you mean, it‘s not dark, it’s bri- oh shit, hold on Kels I’m coming, walk toward the door.” Claire screamed. The bright figure grabbed a hold of Kelsy’s arm and there was a flash, and then nothing.
“Kelsy, I‘m right by the door, where are you? ” There was no response. Claire flickered the light switch but there was nothing.
“Claire, I‘m here, say something! ” again there was silence.
“HELP! HELP! SOMBODY PLEASE! ! ” she screamed hoping at least one of the guys would here her.
“Kelsy, please say something so I know you‘re ok, I can‘t see anything its pitch black, shit.” Claire said as she started walking into the room. There was a flash of flickering light, and then the whole room was lit up.
“But, this is the only dark room, or at least it was. I could‘ve sworn that her screams came from here.”

Claire looked around in all the other rooms downstairs, but Kelsy was nowhere to be found.
“I should go upstairs and try to find everyone else, before I end up disappearing myself.” she said as she grabbed the hand rail.


Emi lets out a scream as she looks back to an old picture of lady collins.
“Emi, whats wrong? Are you ok? ”
“Dady make her stop! She wants to hurt me! ! ”
“Who Emi? ”
“her, the lady in the picture daddy, she wants to hurt all of us! ”
“Emi, that lady isn‘t here anymore, she‘s gone. She wont hurt us, ok? ”
“No but daddy, she is she, she…”
“Emi it‘s alright, you‘re tired, come on, I‘ll carry you, then you can go to sleep ok? ”
“but daddy… daddy..da.” her screams become whispers and she fades off to sleep.

“That was weird” Ayden says to Zane
“yea but can you blame the poor girl, she‘s four, and this place is pretty freaky.” Zane replies.
“I know, but don‘t you ever wonder if what Emi is saying is true? I mean it would explain a lot, don‘t you think? ” Ayden questions
“Ayden, she‘s only four and she‘s tired, she doesn‘t know what she‘s talking about, ” the professor reassures them both.
“Now come on, we have to find a way out of here.”

Mean while Claire had reached the top of the staircase, and let out a scream
“Kelsy! Kelsy, where are you? ? Answer me damnit! ” but again there was nothing but silence that followed. In frustration she collapsed to the floor, and began crying with her head in her hands.
“Why wont you answer me? This isn‘t funny! Its bad enough that Jeremiah kid disappeared, but then theres a boy being punished under the floor? ! ! ” There was a creaking noise that came from behind her. She turned around quickly to see Jeremiah.
“Where have you been? What happened you just disappeared on us.” she said to him.
“I wasn‘t the one who disappeared, you did. By the way, I know where your friend is”
“What? Where? Will you show me? ”
“I can‘t, they‘ll lock me up if they catch me again.”
“Jeremiah, what do you mean? you keep saying that, but who is going to lock you up? ”
“the one that did before, under the floor I couldn‘t say anything because they gagged me, but I was able to get one hand free”
“Wait, so that was you knocking uner the floor? ”
“Well can you at least tell me where she is? ”
“Yea, hold on.” he walked off toward the wall, there was a flash of light and then he was gone.
“What the hell? Did he just..? No he couldn‘t have that would mean that he‘s…a….a ghost? No, he must‘ve walked throught that door right there.” she said as she walked into one of the bedrooms, but as she peered in the doorway, the only person she saw, was a child. A little girl, maybe four or five years old. She was wearing a blue dress, with a long apron that had been covered in dirt and oil. Her black shoes seemed to be falling off her feet, and her long dark brown hair, was matted and tangled around a matching blue headband. Claire couldn’t see her face too well, so she started to walk around her, but as she did the girl screamed and turned to her.
“OH MY! ” Claire said as she jumped. The little girl’s eyes were white and she had a large cut across her neck, but she wasn’t bleeding.
“What happened to you? ” Claire asked her
“I didn‘t see anything, how could I? I‘m just the cleaning girl” she said innocently.
“Little girl, whats your name? ” Claire asked
“Elizabeth” she replied.
“Elizabeth, what happened to you? ”
“No, I didn‘t see anything, I told you.” she said. There was a loud bang outside the door, and as Claire, looked to see what it was, elizabeth vanished.
“Ok, now things are definatly getting weird.”


Claire hears one of the guys screaming for help down the hall. She runs out of the bedroom and starts heading for the sound. She starts thinking to herself: ”I wonder if something happened to one of them, I hope they‘re ok, I hope Kelsy is with them. Oh god help us.”
She reaches the door of the master bedroom and before she could say anything Emi came over to her, sobbing.
“Emi, sweetie whats wrong? ”
Emi merely kept crying.
“Ayden, Emi is Ayden here? ”
She nodded back at Claire with tears in her eyes and pointed toward the bathroom. Claire started to walk over there but in leaving Emi behind she started to scream. The professor had already walked over to her trying to console her as Claire walked off to the bathroom.
“Ayden, are you in here? ”
“What are you talking about? Leave who? Where‘s Kelsy? ”
“What are you trying to say? I didn‘t LEAVE her, we got separated, and once i realized that I tried to find her, but it was like she disappeared.” she yelled back at Ayden.
“Well, thanks to you two getting separated, this has happened.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? ” she screamed at him as he pulled back the curtain from the bathtub. She was stunned into silence. Kelsy was lying in the tub full clothed, the bathwater stained red from her blood, and the music player that was screwed into the wall; stupidly placed right above the fossette of the bathtub, had somehow unscrewed and fell into the tub. The room suddenly started to smell of burnt hair, and blood.
“But how, we were only apart for maybe, not even 10 minutes.” she questioned herself aloud.
“Well, a lot can happened in just 10 minutes Claire. Next time you get separated from… no there wont be a next time. We can‘t afford to lose anyone else.”
“Well ther‘s no use in us standing here looking at her corpse, we still have to find a way out of here, before someone else dies.” Ayden said as he stared at Claire.

The professor had come in just as they had decided to leave the room, but he still stood there, shakig his head and a single tear slid down his cheek.
“Daddy! This happened because we haven‘t been trying! ! ” Emi screeched.
“What are you talking about Emi? We have been trying, we‘ve been looking all up and down this place for a way out, we just haven‘t found it yet. But don‘t worry sweetheart, we‘ll find it soon.”
“No daddy that’s not what I mean, they did this to Kelsy because they can‘t find a way out either, we have to help them and then it will stop.”
“Emi, just, its ok, just you‘re tired go to sleep ok. When you wake up we‘ll be back home”

Meanwhile up ahead with Zane, Ayden and Claire there was almost a dead silence between Ayden and Claire.
“well guys, this is pretty interesting… aw who am I kidding this sucks! ”
“Zane! Just shut up ok! Now is not exactly a good time to be trying to be funny.” Ayden lashed out at him.
“Ayden, leave him alone, he‘s only trying to make this situation a little less worse.”
“Well all he‘s doing is pissing me off, if I was in the mood to be kidding around you‘d know, but who can someone just go about making jokes after something like that? It’s….. it‘s disgusting! It‘s just wrong! ”

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