Humanity At Shame Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Humanity At Shame

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'Oh, Jesus, ” I am at your door steps and accept my prayers “small girl lit candles in the church and just cried while looking at the cross of lord.” How much you have suffered for mankind” she murmured and stared at the glittering eyes of Christ. She was at the highest peak of happiness and knell down to have more blessings from Him.

The little child never knew what was in store for her. A little noise from near by just detracted her attention from Christ and she found some one was pouring kerosene on her head. She was completely shocked and soon found to be wet in kerosene. She only saw flash from match stick and found burring in flames. She found Christ just extending his hand. Soon she was in flames and crashing on the ground.” help, help' came the groaning voice from little child and all the children from orphanage made a frantic cry for help. The child was rushed to hospital with unconscious state of mind with no hope of survival.

This is true story and took place in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. One young lady who was leading happy married life with one daughter soon faced a problem of her husband. He developed a cancer and within no time bade a farewell to world. The lady didn’t loose heart and took it as challenge and thought of devoting her entire life for the services of destitute and orphans. She started with little money and worked hard for running it. Soon she started getting help from all over and her work was appreciated like anything. As the work increased, she employed one lady to assist her in the job. She was very trustworthy too. Meanwhile they employed one driver for church work also. This driver and maid soon developed illicit relations and started all nonsense in presence of children when lady employer was away for some work.

Soon upon knowing the facts, the lady employer terminated the services of female employee and sacked the driver also. The driver soon took to revenge and poured the kerosene on the daughter of the employer when she was praying to the God. The drive had an idea that he will be able to live happily with maid soon developed cancer and she also died. The driver was infuriated and thought of taking revenge and he chose the child for evangel.

The driver was sentenced to the death and trial case ran for months. Finally session court sentenced him after prolonged debate but the matter was referred to the highest court of the land. The two judges differed in their opinion and remarked that it was not rarest of rare case.The prosecution had failed to produce any evidence that he was hard cue criminal and thus reduced the sentence to life term. He might have escaped the punitive action from legal system but can Lord forgive him for his sin and dear lisle kid for her deep love and faith in Jesus, the savior.

'Is the humanity at shame', Can you imagine occurrence of such crimes in civilized society?

Do we just ponder over and do nothing?

Sulochna Pandit 10 August 2009

it is distardly act....10

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Raju Rajput 10 August 2009

no words to condemnact....10

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Jigisha Vyas 10 August 2009

humanity at low ebb....10

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Pami Panchal 14 August 2009

no words to condemn it....10

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Lalvani Rekha 15 August 2009

it most ghasty act and must be dealt with....10

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Yiyan Han 11 November 2017

The drive(r) had an idea that he will be able to......The truth hurts...and thanks for sharing.

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Lalvani Rekha 16 October 2009

'Oh, Jesus, ” I am at your door steps and accept my prayers “

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Severina Dsouza 12 October 2009

'Oh, Jesus, ” I am at your door steps and accept my prayers “

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Indani Narayan 16 September 2009

'Oh, Jesus, ” I am at your door steps and accept my prayers “small

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Umesh Lalvani 16 September 2009

'Oh, Jesus, ” I am at your door steps and accept my prayers “small girl

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