The Smart Sexy Saucy Me X

The Smart Sexy Saucy Me X
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
All of a sudden in my quest to strike fame and fortune,
I decided that I would refurbish my memory with the
Story of Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan
And it is an intense war story which is set during the Normany invasion of June 1944
And the Omaha Beach assault is depicted beautifully bringing out the horrors of war
And at this stage, I reverted to Canada's role in the Normandy Invasion
And I learnt that:
American forces would assault two beaches code-named Utah and Omaha, British forces would attack beaches named Gold and Sword, and a Canadian division would assault a beach named Juno. A battalion of Canadian paratroopers would also land behind German lines, along with three divisions of British and US paratroopers, on the flanks of the main invasion force. It was the largest seaborne invasion ever attempted in history. More than 14,000 Canadian soldiers landed or parachuted into France on D-Day. The Royal Canadian Navy contributed 110 warships and 10,000 sailors and the RCAF contributed 15 fighter and fighter-bomber squadrons to the assault;

Looking at the current day maps on the internet,
It seemed to me that both Omaha Beach and Juno Beach were not far away
From each other and all the 5 beaches had different entry points
Where the Allied forces successfully ambushed and attacked the German soldiers
Their hearts must have been in their mouths for it was a dangerous mission;

I also learnt that William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy or Duke the Bastard
Had invaded England from Normandy crossing the English Channel
And to this day, I had not made the connection between Normandy Beach
And this conqueror;

Coming back to World War II era, Omaha beach and Juno beach were code names
And I am most certain that the French called these entry points into Normandy Beach
By different names but they are now stamped with the five attack code names
And German casualties on D-Day have been estimated at 4,000 to 9,000 men. Allied casualties were documented for at least 10,000, with 4,414 confirmed dead;

As the Smart me, I think that war despite its, in many cases, positive outcome,
Is a frightening event and it highlights the misfortune
That can befall a nation and its people
But I finished reading Wilbur Smith's Men of Men
And could not help but be struck by the fact that
Some men relish war and fighting
But to me, it is in many cases, needless loss of blood and lives
And there is joy in the peaceful vicinity surrounding us
In the golden sun, the silvery moon and the light both envelop us in
As it is in the trees and the flowers that shall soon come to Toronto
For if snow makes the landscape a white sheet covering the brown soil
And to cultivate the land in spring, one has to sow seeds or bulbs in autumn
And these bulbs and seeds through the sedentary days of winter for themselves,
Reach the optimum growth level and bring forth flowers and foliage;

As the Sexy me, I think that through the ages, man has, in the quest for cures for diseases and illnesses
Beaten the odds and in China, etc, the corona virus shall be exterminated
And I, being a chemical/biochemical/biomedical engineer, looked through the Wikipedia website for vaccine
And looked for connecting links which lead to further illumination on the topic
And among the excipients or preservatives, I learnt that thimerosol has mercury and hence, the vaccine maker can use
Some preservatives suggested by the WHO pdf publications but I must caution you that phenol is toxic
And hence, you would run into the same problem as in the case of thimerosol
But you could try experimenting in parallel with all the possible preservatives listed by WHO
Or in the critical circumstances, you could try salt
OR the corona virus symptoms being like pneumonia,
You could bet on the same antibiotic which could be a possible antidote
And prevent with the same vaccine,
And this would be a sexy bit of biomedical engineering;

The Saucy me says in fear for God works in mysterious ways
That I should have an air of mystery about me
For the engineer and scientist in man is intrigued by the undefined, the unexplored and the untold,
And Gentlemen, I am all of these three and hence, I am top of the list for you folks.

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