The Soldier Poem by katie

The Soldier

Rating: 4.2

the soldier is given the order to run
by the officer 6 miles away
the soldier is killed by a machine gun
whilst the officer is 6 miles away
the soldier is left lying on the ground
by the officer 6 miles away
the soldier is buried without a sound
while the officer sleeps 6 miles away
the job is done
the war is won
by the soldier,6 feet in the clay

Jaideep G.c. 26 June 2008

Nice to read but hard to swallow Katie. What about all the young officers leading their men into battle & many also into 6 feet of clay? They're officers too, not just the Generals. Anyway, the Generals too were young officers once who perhaps survived many battle charges themselves. This sure does look like a private matter with you. My sympathies.

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Ronald Stroman 29 May 2007

this may be a Private matter... but no Generals died today.

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Eli White 16 January 2008

wat do you mean by this might be a private problem... no generals died today

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Katherine Kobito 08 October 2009

It seems, as I continue reading your poems, that you are fond of our soldiers and what they do. Amen sister! :) This poem is very realistic and sad. It gives me tears in my eyes when they show another soldier has died, almost like the song 'Somebody's Someone' by Richie McDonald. It talks about him telling his son why he's crying and that the soldier was a hero, father, friend, etc. Very emotional and moving song. Very beautiful poem.

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Katie 08 May 2009

this may be a Private matter, but no generals died today was a poem by the original commenter (just to clear things up)

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Rico Avila 22 March 2009

The statement read 'this may be a Private matter, but no generals died today'. Notice the p in Private is capitalized, meaning a soldier, the lowest in the Army, or Marine rank structure. So in a way, the poem is a Private the poem, been a soldier for 12 years now and still driving on. keep up the good writing.

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Adeline Foster 07 October 2008

What is all this about private matters and private problems? A poem is a poem. All poems are private to the writer. The poet chooses the subject and presents it from a certain angle. I think the angle from which this poem is presented is right on. True, the ones who die are not necessarily the ones who stared the conflict. Must death be the only answer to resolving conflict? The poem is well said and clear in content. Adeline

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Angel (Pepper lyons) 03 October 2008

Omy! I love it! I am 15 and I am desperatly trying to graduate next year so I can go fight in Iraq...Your poem has made me even for selous...thanks...and commit me...

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