Teenage Life Poem by katie

Teenage Life

Rating: 2.7

teenage life
teenage strife
thats how it'll always be

more pressure than ever
to be even better
than the year just gone through

and the teenage fights
the if's and might's
that keep you second guessing

your dearest friends
through the turns and bends
they have kept you plowing on

the teenage love
who you think the world of
will never like you in that way

and still you get the results
but all the adults
don't seem to care
all they can say
is that
the exams are getting easier

ahhh shove it! ! !

Meghan R. 02 September 2007

ahahha love the ending, But know seriously. This is an awesome poem! ! ! Love it, and its true. Read some of my stuff. I have 3 posted. -Meghan Rhy =]

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Oyesina sir 02 April 2022

Good job

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Federico Ariel 31 July 2009

Federico Sozzi Honestly is a great poema.Refleja be exactly what is driving this edad.La teenagers is a very difficult to face, and that's why sometimes there is too much concern of parents more pressure than ever to be even better only last year This is what happens to the youngsters to want to overcome

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Daniela Hirschfeld 21 July 2009

I like this phrase too, because i believe that many parents are worried for this but also they must to see that this stage is difficult to confront.

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Camila Cañete 10 July 2009

'more pressure than ever to be even better than the year just gone through' I like that! It is what I believe that it happens to the teenagers! Great Job, I love it!

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Kc Ripper 26 May 2008

thats a maad poem! ! ! ! !

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