The Soldier Fights Poem by katie

The Soldier Fights

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the soldier fights for the hippys rights to protest against that soldier
the soldier fights for the politions rights to send that soldier to war
the soldier fights for buisness mans rights to make money
the soldier fights for the policemans rights to arrest that soldier
the soldier fights for school kids right to know about past soldiers
the soldier fights to so that you may all sleep at night
the soldier fights for religion so that you may all belive what you wish
And yet the soldier fights on
the soldier fights for his flag, for his country, for his life

The Soldier Fights
Alice Lion 11 November 2008

very few thing in that poem are true.the soldiers do not want to go overseas. they try to fight AGAINST the prime ministers rights to send them to war.They will of course fight to prevent getting arrested. they do not want the hippies to protest against them they try to stop that.Katie I like the poem and all but please, try to do a little more studying before you write another soldier poem! sorry if i sounded mean it's just I care alot about this kind of stuff, my daddy's out in Afghanistan right now, and I almost lost my husband when he was in Iraq! LUV YALL!

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Thom Walker 14 May 2009

i think its true and very true

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Hannah Burgess 03 June 2009

this is a very good poem although there are a few spelling mistakes i hope you dont mind me asking when it was written? ? Hannah ..x..

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Katie 08 May 2009

I think you've missed the point of the poem. Its that soldiers fight for eveyone's rights, whether they like them or what they are doing, and that people should never forget that. I'm pretty sure soldiers don't fight against being sent to war, because if so they're in the wrong jobs, you know the risks when you sign on the dotted line. Reaserch, I live it love! But I do wish your father a safe return from the stan and am sorry to hear about your husbands close shave, I know what its like to loose people that way. All the best.

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Abhishek Iyer 15 August 2008

this is a very gud poem writtn by her best of luck 4 more poems

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auntie cwandre 09 November 2020

im a soldier a soldier who shall live

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Thomas Razonski 29 April 2019

@Matthew Gill i agree

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Matthew Gill 20 May 2012

very good ive been marine for about 3 yrs now and i agree completely with this poem

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Maria Lopez 26 November 2010

i agree with that cuz soldiers are dying and ppl r crying every where i wish there waz no war i wish 4 world peace but it to big of a wish not even god can grant it and im only 13

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Daniel Upton 04 June 2009

as a soldier i would like to say a good poem and also true however i do not agree with a comment made saying we do not want to be overseas serving because its not true we enjoy our work and enjoy the opportunity to carry out our roles on deployments overseas

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