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The Song Remains Similar - Poem by jon groff

well let me take you into the heart of my true desire,
I'll show you what I have been attempting to acquire.
I've been traveling both inner and outer space,
a liquid voyage through the cosmos on the wings of grace.
from the mainstream I digress, I don't want to live with the stress.
it makes me feel delirious, when everyone is constantly so serious.
laughing so hard I have to wipe away tears,
while I'm smoking my weed and drinking my beers.
and even though my future isn't quite clear,
I abolish my insecurities and lose my fear.
it's obvious that I was wrong, I should have seen it all along.
I look deep into my mind, and am mystified by what I find.
I know I am not a completely sane person,
but my condition is only going to worsen.
spiritually I'm just trying to survive,
you know I'm not meant to work 9 to 5.
if I told you I didn't want to get higher, well then you know I'd be a liar.
I'm my own free thinking individual, this is just an everyday ritual.
there's change coming with the phases of the moon,
I anticipated there would be, just not so soon.
all I want to do is to get far out of this place,
leave and never return, vanish with no trace.
a poem with no rhyme scheme, reminds me of my sanity ripping at the seams.
a song without feeling, reminds me of my life without any meaning.
trying to cleanse the lenses of my perception,
spending my time entirely on introspection.
what is now lost will never again be found,
just trying to discern why my soul is unsound.
look deep into my eyes, and relinquish your lies.
tell me your secrets and I'll show you my mind,
just be wary of what you might find.
walking through the desert with all the lizards,
and suddenly I come upon a mystical wizard.
he solemnly asks me if I wish to be free,
instantly I cry out yes, my voice filled with glee.
he tells me that I must be willing to pay a fee,
I tell him I am willing no matter what it may be.
without warning I lose control of my mind, body, and soul,
never could I have imagined such a dreadful, costly toll.
the wizard stolidly walks away, but not before reciting this enigma,
step out into the sunset, and dissolve any ounce of regret, but never forget,
if you wish to wash away your disdain, simply dance out in the rain, and feel no pain,
extract a reality from your dreams, always remember nothing is as it seems,
you'll forever be in your prime, so long as you keep in mind there's no such thing as time,
your flower will begin to sour, if you are not swift to relish this hour,
don't be alarmed by your state of mind, you've left this world far behind,
and even though the song remains similar, with yourself you'll be unfamiliar.
so now I sit as my mind begins to rust, and my body turns to dust,
I should have known that my soul would never be able to adjust.
the only thing that remains is to ride the stream of consciousness train,
I strain at the pain of my mind unraveling itself from my brain.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 16, 2014

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