The Shape Of You Poem by Dave Dafes

The Shape Of You

Formlessly unfaced
Fluid in rigidity,
Invisible with irrefutable effects,
Invariable in varied degrees,
Statically emotive

A changeless decree,
Resistance in futility,
None from its holds fled
All that avail, is yield
To its supreme dictate

Strikes without warning
Nor prior provocations,
Shields its own with invincible force
It eradicates without a trace
It's infested, burn with sweet pains

Untransmutable Will,
It's nature to surrender
Seeks not its own gains,
But etched in its Soul,
Its intended's Will

Thy labors lost not,
Eternal they span
Blossom every season
Devoid of reason,
Space and time thou voids

Thy feistiness wanes not with time
Speaks even beyond the grave,
Binds two by statutes asunder torn
Tenderly rigid,
Thy lucid touch moves in one direction

Happy beyond elation
Were they, stung thou by,
Thy venom devours every cell,
Logically insane they became

Underneath thy spell
Impossible to abide the same
Enthralled, amazingly magical
They that dwelt therein,
Inert but intense

Content but driven
Yet still, unformed
All our lives thou gave a form
Unafraid, you erased my fears
For there's no fear in thee

Patient, thou art consumed
Welfare of others by,
Quieted the voices of my anxieties
Bestows hope in life's uncertainties
Kind, thou bestows empathy

Unformedly shapeless
Though unperceived
Thine presence all around me I can't deny
It fills my eyes with your essence
You flavored my heart
For you're everywhere

The track to you is strewn
Pleat with sweet pains and bitter sacrifices,
For the pleasures knowing you brings,
I'll rewalk the path a thousand times,
For the joy you conveys, erase every pain.

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and friendship,love and life
Dave Dafes 19 March 2019

Thanks! God bless you

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Bernard F. Asuncion 18 March 2018

Dave, such a lovely poem... keep on writing👍👍👍

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Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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